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Alan Bridges was an expectant father who appeared in the 2013 Christmas Special. He was played by Sam Swainsbury.


Alan met his wife Yvonne Bridges when they were eight and seven respectively, and since then they've been virtually inseparable. The only time they were apart was when Alan was posted to Korea for National Service. The experience left Alan with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and he has trouble sleeping for more than an hour at a time and he smells blood every moment he's awake. He also picked up malaria which he says flares up from time to time. When the police discovered an unexploded bomb in the next street, Alan and a heavily pregnant Yvonne were forced to evacuate their home and take refuge at the community centre.

While Yvonne is being examined by Jenny and Trixie, the Fifth Poplar Cubs are playing hockey outside with Cynthia, and the sound of their sticks banging together is not helping Alan, who flinches every time he hears them banging together. When a ball smashes through the window, it frightens Alan who accidently cuts his hands on broken glass as he runs from the room screaming. Jenny and Trixie both find him sobbing under a snooker table. Trixie removes the shards of glass from his hands then bandages them, during which Alan reveals he was forced to kill a man while in Korea, even though he was a REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer); Alan described the incident as "like carving meat in the dark". Trixie is upset by Alan's plight, and she reveals to Jenny that her father, like Alan, suffered from PTSD, and when she was a child, she had to help her mother to look after him.

After the unexploded bomb is detonated, Yvonne goes into labour. Jenny and Trixie help her and Alan home once Constable Noakes gives everyone the all-clear. When Alan and Yvonne get home, Alan supports his wife as Jenny and Trixie deliver their child, a little boy. Trixie hands Alan the baby, telling him "This blood is beautiful".