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Albert Huntley is a man at a hostel for tuberculous men who is dying and is being nursed through his final days by Sister Frances. He was played by Philip Harvey.


Albert Huntley was possibly a former sailor or a labourer and according to Sister Frances men like him had spent their lives going in and out of doss houses, he was old and weak and with no family to take him in he went to live at a hostel. Sister Frances and Nurse Nancy Corrigan who was making her debut on the district roster were collecting sputum samples, Sister Frances noticed how much weaker he was and she and Sister Frances turned him in bed to make him more comfortable, he said they were good girls and Sister Frances told him it was all part of the service.  

Nurse Corrigan wanted him sent to hospital, but Sister Frances wanted to keep him in his own bed as she knew he was dying. Not that long later Sister Frances was wetting his lips, he was asleep and would soon be dead. Sister Frances was sat with him as was Sister Monica Joan who though retired sometimes sat by the bed of the dying to provide comfort to them or the soon to be bereaved. Before Sister Frances called him Mr Huntley but called him Albert when he was dying, Sister Monica Joan spoke of how natural it was to use Christian names when a woman was in travail or a man was dying.

When talking of Albert's mother and her choosing his name Nurse Corrigan arrived but then Albert died and the nuns did a prayer for the dying. Nurse Corrigan opened the window to let his soul out on the instructions of Sister Frances.