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Alecia Palmer is a postpartum mother being cared for by Lucille Anderson but it turns out that Mrs Palmer might be the one who’s caring for her. She was played by Alisha Bailey.


Mrs Palmer was a mother under the care of Barbara Hereward who delivered her son but unfortunately Barbara was taken to hospital with meningococcal septicaemia and Nurse Lucille Anderson had to cover her calls. When Mrs Palmer opens the door Lucille is pleased to see that she is also Jamaican, the two bond over this and Lucille says that Mrs Palmer reminds her of her own mother, asking her to remove her shoes because of the new carpet and only having the heating in the front room on a Sunday.

When Lucille is weighing the baby Lucille asks if either had a rash or a stiff neck and recommends that she takes a course of antibiotics just to make sure she hasn’t caught what Barbara has but assures her there is nothing to worry about. Mrs Palmer talks about her husband Winston being the pastor of their church, the church took place in their house, she says they used to go to a church that was a big building but the congregations heart was not so big. As it happened Lucille was having similar problems as there were people in her church that felt a black woman had no business there. Mrs Palmer invites Lucille to her church, she the gives Lucille a gift she planned on giving to Barbara which she passes on to her when she wakes up in the hospital.

Lucille wrestles with the idea of going to the prayer meeting, however Lucille missed her home and family and Mrs Palmer reminded her so much of her mother. Her friend Valerie encourages her to go, unfortunately Barbara Hereward dies of her illness. After that Lucille decides to take a chance ad goes to the meeting, she asks Mrs Palmer is she is too late and she replies “No one is ever late in God’s eyes”. The small congregation sing amazing grace and Lucille is happily welcomed in and begins singing “I once was lost, but now I’m found”.

Lucille continues going to the church however by the time of the 2020 Christmas Special the church had passed into the hands of a woman named Mrs Theodore who left the district herself. Lucille and her boyfriend, later husband Cyril along with a lady from the church Mrs Wallace took charge of the church with Cyril as their pastor. It is unknown what happened to the Palmers but they most likely just left the district to live somewhere else.