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Pupil Midwife Alison Hopkiss is one of the four pupil midwives taking part two of their midwifery training at Nonnatus House. She was portrayed by Rebecca Tebbett.


At the end of Series 9 the health board imposed an increased rent on Nonnatus House and decreased budget in the hopes that it would force them out of medical practice. However Nurse Trixie Franklin was able to deliver a speech that gave them an extra twelve months, to make money after that Sister Julienne attempted to ally with a private clinic that would pay generously but that clinic was found by Nurse Franklin to be doing illegal abortions and Sister Julienne terminated the partnership. Nurse Shelagh Turner suggested a training scheme for pupil midwives that would come with substantial funding for Nonnatus House.

Pupil Midwife Hopkiss arrived with her colleagues Georgette Baines and Janice Cowan for their first day, they met midwife who was living in Nonnatus House Nancy Corrigan. Alison was assigned to Nurse Lucille Anderson and left on the district with her, when at the Iris Knight institute she learned that urine samples often come in jars that had once been filled with jam meaning there would be inaccurate readings on it, later she helped out at clinic. When speaking with Shelagh Turner Sister Julienne noted that Alison had never attended a twin birth making for a gap in her experience so Shelagh decides to involve her in the case of a mother named Mrs Watson.

When Sister Hilda went away on a refresher course the pupils’ allocations were reshuffled and Alison was assigned to Nurse Franklin, Nurse Crane also lectured them on “personal daintiness” and directed them to deodorant cream. When nurse Turner was teaching a class on tests after the birth they get onto the subject of PKU testing to which Alison says the condition is “so rare nobody ever really gets it” to which Nurse Turner says that isn’t exactly true but that it is exceedingly uncommon.

In S10 E06 Alison was meant to go on the district with Nurse Anderson but an emergency BBA (born before arrival) forces her to go and assist Sister Frances so Alison departs with Nurse Crane. When Nurse Franklin was giving a class Nancy Corrigan was unsympathetic to mother Cherry Watson who lived in shocking poverty with an abusive husband trying to abort her baby. All of the pupils approached the situation with a very classroom based mind but Trixie was sympathetic. In response Trixie wrote a letter to the times on the subject of the up and coming abortion reform bill and was then asked to speak on the radio. The abortion reform bill was passed a year later so unlike Trixie it was unlikely Alison or her colleagues would have to face many if any backstreet abortions in her career.

After Trixie’s radio appearance Nancy Corrigan revealed herself to be an unmarried mother and was in danger of being kicked off the course but it was decided she could stay. During the 2021 Christmas Special Alison and the other pupil midwives were on leave over Christmas. Between the Christmas Special and Series 11 the training scheme ended, Alison took her final exams and likely passed and found work elsewhere as a midwife.