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All saints church is the local parish church of Poplar, it has seen the weddings and funerals of the nurses of Nonnatus and many Poplar residents.


The church is large and white, made of stone and has a large graveyard for the dead. The inside of the building is large and spacious, it was the location for the weddings of Chummy and Peter Noakes, Patrick and Shelagh Turner, Tom and Barbara Hereward and Lucille and Cyril Robinson. It was also the place that held the funeral of Barbara Hereward when she succumbed to septicaemia. She is also buried there not far from the mother of Reggie Jackson, Ivy Jacksons grave. Between Series 3 and 7 Tom Hereward was in charge of the church and gave his usual Sunday sermon which was attended by Barbara Hereward, who was the Sunday school teacher as well as the Turner family on occasion in which Timothy Turner plays the piano. The episode were the church had the most screen time was the 2015 Christmas special in which the BBC wanted to record an act of worship and share it on TV. While at first Sister Julienne and Sister Evangelina saw it as pointless frivolity and an invasion of sacred ground in the end they perform with the rest of Nonnatus House in front of the nation, around the same time middle aged woman Iris Willens the church cleaner gives birth to her second time many years after she lost her first. After Tom left the church was run by a rector who scarcely appears in the series however the church still pops up from time to time.

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  • The church is one of the few locations (other than Poplar itself) that has remained entirely consistent throughout the eleven series of the show, first appearing in Series 1 and having its most recent appearance in Series 11.
  • All Saints church is a real church located in Poplar, London.