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Angela Julienne Turner is the adopted daughter of Patrick and Shelagh Turner.


Only a few things are known about Angela's biological family. Angela's birth mother was an unwed sixteen year-old whose parents had changed their mind last minute about keeping the baby. Their last name is also mentioned to be Jones. Her future parents (Patrick and Shelagh) decided to adopt after being informed that Shelagh was unlikely to conceive. Patrick and Shelagh were parents to a son, Timothy, from Patrick's first marriage.


Angela is first introduced as "Baby Jones" at the end of Series Three. She is identified in the nursery by a felt sunflower on her cot. Patrick is the first one to pick her up, and brings her to Shelagh.

In the 2014 Christmas Special, Shelagh sends a letter to the adoption agency to be given to Angela's birth mother should she ever try to learn about her daughter; it is revealed in the letter that Angela's middle name is Julienne.

In one episode in Series Four, her brother Timothy holds her while they watch Patrick and Shelagh doing their "mushy stuff", telling Angela she needs to get used to it.

Turners series 5

In Series 5, it is shown that Angela and Timothy have a very close relationship. When the family go on a camping trip, Tim and the toddler Angela go off exploring together. When Timothy returns to his parents, he says Angie saw a squirrel and won't stop crying. Shelagh explains that she's terrified of squirrels, even cartoon ones. Shelagh runs towards her baby to comfort her. 

In Series 6 Angela’s parents go to South Africa for missionary work, she is sent to stay with her big brother’s grandmother Granny Parker. When her parents get back her mother is revealed to be pregnant, and she helps to draw a special picture to tell her father the news. The flat the Turners live is getting too small for a family of five and they move to a much bigger house, not long after Shelagh gives birth to a baby boy that they name Teddy. Angela is seen helping to bathe the baby and being a good big sister.

In Series 7 Angela’s family hire an aur pair called Magda, and her brother rather takes to her. Unfortunately Magda leaves the Turners after having an abortion and Angela is sad to see her go. Some time after Angela has her fourth birthday party.

In Series 8 she becomes a sister again to May, a Chinese orphan who’s planned adoption had to be put on halt for a year so the Turners agree to foster her for that time. Angela and May become sisters and best friends, according to Shelagh they like to be the same straight down to the colour of the biscuit wrapper. When it looks like May might be leaving Angela is upset like the rest of the family, but when her planned adoptive father had a TB relapse May came back home.

In Series 9 her eldest brother Timothy left for a boarding school and phones his family regularly. Angela and her two youngest siblings enjoy tending to their rabbit Genevieve and brought their schools rabbit Flopsy home with them, as it turns out Flopsy is male and Genevieve gives birth. When May is about to be adopted, making them a family of six in the law her parents agree it’s unfair that May has more information about her adoption than Angela and agree to talk to her soon. When Mays biological mother Esther makes an appearance the Turners fear for their family but Esther lets May stay but won’t sign adoption papers. It is something they must accept as it means having the whole family under one roof.

In Series 10 her brother Timothy returns from boarding school and hopes to get into medical school. In this time the three children dress up for the 1966 world cup as the whole community watches England claim victory. Her brother gets into medical school but her mother is worried about what he will see as a doctor, but her father says it’s his choice to follow in his fathers footsteps, they bring up the notion of Angela and May following in their mothers and becoming nurses. When it’s time for him to go her mother is still apprehensive about the first leaving the nest and noting they’ll be doing it for all of them. In the end Angela leads her sister and brother through a performance, Teddy dresses as a lion to show the pride even the little ones have for their big brother.

In Series 11 Angela and May become friends with Nurse Nancy Corrigan's daughter Colette. Then Angela and the other two get chicken pox all together making for a difficult time for their mother. Towards the end of the year their father is involved in a train derailment and could have died had Timothy not found him and Sister Julienne in the wreckage, he had a broken arm and had a mild head injury. Angela, May, and Teddy, all visit him in turns, with Angela drawing a sunflower on her fathers cast. When her father is discharged from the hospital she and the other little ones play doctors and nurses around their father.

Miss Nadine's dancing students

In Series 12 Angela attends dancing lessons with May and Colette, when their dancing teacher Nadine is rushed into hospital their mother Shelagh takes charge on the maypole dance. The maternity home faces a gastroenteritis outbreak and Shelagh ends up bringing the infection home to Angela and her younger siblings. The Turner Rabbit Genevieve dies suddenly, but during her sister May’s cowboys and Indians themed birthday party their father brings them another rabbit. Angele, May and Teddy are disappointed not to go to Trixie Franklins wedding but they do go to the reception outside Nonnatus House were Angela was seen dancing with her older brother Timothy.

In Series 13 Angela gets a telescope as she loves space and the space race, she and her family watch the Apollo 11 moon landing on the television and Angela is the only one of the family awake when the astronauts came out, she woke her father up to to see Neil Armstrong make one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. The Turners go on a beach trip with the community and the girls want to go on the lilo, but the day takes a turn when May almost drowns and retains water in her lungs, May is rushed to hospital and no one knows if she will survive, making Angela the only member of the Turner family not to have had a possibly fatal experience. Angela has not yet been told she is adopted but May was going to speak to her birth mother in Hong Kong who finally agrees to let May be adopted making Angela and May sisters under the law at last. Patrick and Shelagh on the encouragement of Timothy finally tell Angela she is adopted and she says to them "thank you for choosing me".