Angela Julienne Turner is the daughter of Patrick and Shelagh Turner.

Overview Edit

Introduced at the end of Series Three, Angela's birth mother was a sixteen year old whose parents changed their minds at the last minute about letting her keep the baby, and so the Turners were allowed to adopt her. Her original surname was Jones.

In the 2014 Christmas Special, Shelagh sends a letter to the adoption agency to be given to Angela's birth mother should she ever try to learn about her daughter; it is revealed in the letter that Angela's middle name is Julienne.

In one episode in Series Four, her brother Timothy holds her while they watch Patrick and Shelagh doing their "mushy stuff", telling Angela she needs to get used to it.

In Series 5, it is shown that Angela and Timothy have a very close relationship. When the family go on a camping trip, Tim and the toddler Angela go off exploring together. When Timothy returns to his parents, he says Angie saw a squirrel and won't stop crying. Shelagh explains that she's terrified of squirrels, even cartoon ones. Shelagh runs towards her baby to comfort her. 

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