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Canon Arthur Gilbert is the father of Barbara Hereward. His sole appearance in the series was in the last episode of Series 6 where he arrives in London to conduct Barbara's wedding to Tom Hereward before setting off on his missionary posting to New Guinea.


Ever since she was a child, Barbara had always wanted her father to conduct her wedding. In the last episode of Series 6, Barbara gets a letter from her father saying he's been given a missionary posting to New Guinea, and he's going to be gone for three years. This upsets Barbara greatly, as she reveals to Tom that she had only ever wanted her father to conduct her wedding. Neither of them want to wait three years before getting married, so they agree to bring the wedding date forward.

Arthur arrives at Nonnatus House the day before the wedding, and Barbara asks him for advice on marriage. The next day though, Arthur tells her she doesn't need his advice because she finds joy in the simple things. Arthur is last seen during the wedding scene. He's not seen during the end scene where everyone's riding the carousel, so presumably he set sail for New Guinea immediately after the wedding.

Sadly, just a year after the wedding, Barbara died from septicaemia. Arthur was unable to return to England for the funeral, but a grieving Tom agreed to join him in New Guinea.