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Sergeant Aubrey Woolf is a police sergeant who made his first appearance in the 2017 Christmas Special. He is played by Trevor Cooper.


Series 7[]

Sergeant Wolfe first appears in the 2017 Christmas special, having taken over the role once performed by Peter Noakes. He and Phyllis Crane meet and take a bit of a disliking to one another, him giving her a hard time over her car obstructing the road in the snow and making her cubs take down an igloo they spent ages making. Though she never takes it lying down. He is shown a more sympathetic side when Ruth Gelin, a woman dying of bowel cancers house is in danger of being torn down with when she has just hours to live. She was a Jewish woman who fled from Nazi Germany with her husband to avoid persecution, he then reveals his own grandparents who arrived from Russia could tell a similar story. He appears again when warning Phyllis Crane about car robbery, he appears to be proven right when her car goes missing but it turns out it was just Sister Winifred borrowing the car for a delivery.

Series 8[]

In Series 8 he appears to have developed feelings for Nurse Crane and volunteers to be her assistant at cubs as baloo to her akela. Despite her initial reservations they prove to be an effective team, they band together to arrange a sand pit and padding pool outside Nonnatus House. He tries to get closer to her by appearing cultured, so he asks her to an exhibition of photography which she agrees to though she doesn’t think of it as a date. By the end of the exhibition Phyllis remarks that she thought there wasn’t a single part of the human boy she hadn’t seen before, and he admits he had no interest in photography and was just trying to impress her. He keeps trying to win her over, but she simply isn’t interested in him. When Phyllis is hospitalised thanks to a trapped sciatic nerve, he asks the others midwives visiting her to pass on a present and give her his warmest regards. When the grandmother of Valerie Dyers, Elsie Dyer is arrested for performing abortions he is the one who interviews her and listens to her false story, in the end Elsie is sentenced to six years imprisonment. He goes to visit Phyllis in the hospital, where Miss Higgins is also visiting where he is impressed with her skills as a poetess. The two decide to go to the fundraising event the ballroom of hope together finally shifting his attentions to a woman who frankly wants to know him.

Series 9[]

In Series 9 the relationship between Aubrey and Millicent as they are known to each other continues to bloom. He even invites her to go on holiday to Kent and visit his sister However, after Sergeant Woolf has a major heart attack in series 9 episode 2, he moves away to live with his sister and decides to terminate the relationship as he didn’t know if he would be able to return to active duty and he didn’t want her to tie herself down to an unwell man who as a couple any happiness they enjoy would just make the ending even harder on her in the end.


  • In S07E01. Woolf reveals he is of Russian ancestry.