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Auntie Vera was the foster mother of Colette Corrigan between Series 10 and Series 12.  She was portrayed by CJ Johnson.


At the end of Series 10 pupil midwife Nancy Corrigan revealed she had a daughter called Colette, instead of kicking her off the training course the nuns decided Colette would go to live with a local foster family. Vera and her husband Terry were selected for this, and they fostered Colette for about two years, Colette was able to visit her mother who qualified as a nurse and began working at Nonnatus House. Very little is known about Vera, but she and Terry are routinely described as lovely people.  

Vera and Terry decided to take Colette on holiday to Brighton in Series 12 , the plan was Vera and Terry foster Colette until Nancy was able to get them a home of their own but Nancy didn’t make a lot of money as a nurse. That was until she and Colette were offered a room at Nonnatus that could be converted to a flat for them.  

Vera made her only appearance in the 2023 Christmas Special where she saw Colette off to her new home, Colette thanked Vera for looking after he so long. Vera would clearly miss Colette but both her and Nancy promised her they come to visit her.