Call the Midwife Wiki

Benedict Walters is a recently qualified doctor temporarily working under the midwives of Nonnatus House with his colleagues, he has big shoes to fill as his father quite literally wrote the book on obstetrics and no one will let him forget it, but he doesn't feel the same joy others do at practicing medicine and doesn't even know if he wants the job at all. He was played by Sam Woolf.


Benedict arrives, pulling up his car outside Nonnatus House with his fellow doctors, Kevin McNulty, William Pontin and Nigel Fielding. They are greeted at the door by Trixie Franklin to which Benedict says nuns had certainly changed since he was at school, she says she was a resident midwife, Kevin apologises for being late to which Benedict says navigational issues on Kevins part. The doctors are introduced to the midwives with whom they’ll be working including Nurse Crane who treats them with slight passive aggression putting them last on the bathroom roster when all the hot water would be used leaving them none for shaving, when he introduces himself Nurse Lucille Anderson asks if he is related to Sir Howard Walters who wrote the book Obstetrics and Gynaecology in The Modern Age. Sir Howard was his father and he is reminded he has very big shoes to fill, something everyone tells him.  

Benedict shadowed Nurse Trixie Franklin on the district, the nuns notice some tension between Benedict and Kevin. The young doctors help out at the maternity clinic in which a mother, Elsie Jessop waters break. Benedict finds she’s five fingers dilatated to which Trixie says he should address the patient not her, Mrs Jessop when he leaves to call an ambulance says he was not a bad looker. Mrs Jessop’s labour progresses quicker than people were expecting and Benedict offers his assistance and throws a taunting smile at Kevin. Benedict closes the curtains and tells others to vacate the area. Benedict can see the head and shows himself to be quite gifted when he delivers the baby with only a little assistance from Nurse Crane.  

When eating Benedict sits at the head of the table with Sister Julienne who congratulates him on the delivery, a first for Nonnatus House. He ticks his name on a chart made for the delivery of babies to which Lucille says babies were more than a tick. The doctors drink alcohol out of test tubes and beakers which Kevin does not approve of and Benedict makes fun of him for it, he suggests a game of cricket outside. They break a window, this scares the nuns and Nurse Crane who suspect a break in. Sister Julienne is furious and makes it known if they cannot abide by the rules then alternate accommodation will be found.  

Benedict is smoking when on his bed and Kevin storms in demanding his car keys, a confused Benedict throws them at him. He then opens his fathers book and despairingly takes another puff. He then meets Trixie who is also smoking, he confides that he doesn’t feel the same elation or passion with delivering babies. Trixie suggests it’s a path he’s not meant to follow but Benedict says that his father has the entire alphabet after his name and it was preordained that he follow in his footsteps. Trixie says that they make their own choices in life and he won’t find a solution in drinking.  

When at the maternity home Benedict is checking a babies heart and Dr Turner praises him waiting until the baby had calmed down to which Benedict says he has a good teacher. The four doctors who started out as quite inept with poor skills come into their own and leave much more prepared to work in practices. As Benedict wipes the blackboard with all their names on it, he shows Trixie a replacement for the test tube he accidentally smashed. All four of the doctors leave to an applause from the nurses of Nonnatus House. Benedict drove off with the others to begin his future as a doctor and the nurses agree that if they were to try this again then alternative lodgings would be a prior requisite.