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William "Billy" Tremblay was a minor character who appeared in the 2018 Christmas Special. He was played by David Hartley


Billy was born with a clubfoot, and was required to walk with a stick and wear a special shoe. Billy lost both his parents when he was still very young. He and his older sister Lena became separated when Lena was sent to an orphanage while Billy was not due to his foot. On the day Lena was taken to the orphanage, she and Billy were looking at each other through the window of the bus before the bus left, but they could barely see each other since the window was so dirty. After Lena managed to stop crying, the bus pulled away, and Billy could only watch, not knowing if he would ever see his sister again.

Around Christmas 1963, Lena, having been sent to Australia on the children's farm school scheme years earlier, returns to England heavily pregnant, and returns to her old orphanage seeking help. She later gives birth to a baby boy, naming him Billy after her brother. Shelagh later rings Miss Higgins, the Turners new surgery receptionist while trying to connect records at the Mother House with a family on their books before the war. Miss Higgins managed to locate Billy and she drove him down to Chichester.

Sister Julienne led Billy to Lena's room, reuniting the siblings. With tears in her eyes, Lena told Billy she was sorry she couldn't look after him, but Billy revealed he'd made a nice life for himself, and told Lena she was coming home with him. The siblings embraced, reunited at last.


  • Billy's surname is never mentioned in the episode he appears in, but is revealed in the end credits to be Tremblay.


I did alright, Lena. Dr. Barnardo's was all right. I was good at my arithmetic. Got a job down the weights and measures, married a girl from the typing pool. No kids, but...I made a nice life.

- Billy reuniting with his sister.

You come home with me, hmm? And you bring the little 'un, It's Christmas Day tomorrow, and we'll be together.

- Billy to Lena.