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"“All the time I carried him I worried about what would happen when my milk came in, how I'd get rid of it, I never thought about what would happen when the love came in.”"
- Blanche reffering to Robert

Blanche Dellow is an expectant mother, she fell pregnant with her fifth child unexpectedly and it was agreed her sister would adopt her child but when her son Robert turns out to have Downs syndrome, her sister thinks the baby will have to go into a home but Blanche decides that home is with her. She was played by Madeleine Worrall.


Blanche is the mother of four daughters, two left home and another two were teenagers and still lived with her and her husband Walter. In her 40s she accidentally got pregnant once again and according to her cried for a week and Walter turned grey, she didn’t want to keep the baby but a solution presented itself with her sister Sylvia who despite being married for years did not conceive so the two agreed to a private adoption in which Sylvia would raise her niece or nephew as her own. When at the maternity clinic the nurses agree to a maternity home delivery and Blanche makes sure Sylvia can be present at the birth. Nurse Crane asks if she needs assistance with the paperwork but Blanche assures her Sylvia had been to a solicitor already. She then remembers when her mother was dying she promised to always look after the baby, the baby in those days was Sylvia as Blanche was a teenager when Sylvia was a toddler, but when they talk about the baby they mean the one Blanche was carrying.

Blanche goes into labour very quickly and is exhausted needing forceps from Dr Turner, Sylvia was cheering from the side-lines as Blanche gives birth to a little boy, Blanche insisted that Sylvia the new mother would be the first to hold him and joyfully thanks her sister. Blanche goes to bedrest in the maternity home, Sylvia and her husband Eddie visit her and asks if she wants to hold the baby. Blanche agrees as Nurse Crane watches awkwardly, she says she loves him, she just loves him like any other nephew, when holding him she mention how big the soft spot on his head was in passing. Blanche then gives her sister a present, a mug that she can engrave the baby’s name on, Sylvia decides on Justin which Blanche didn’t seem pleased with but said nothing.

Dr Turner and Nurse Crane check the baby over and find the signs of the condition Down syndrome like a different gap in the first and second toes, they both agree to use the medical name and not the old fashioned name mongolism. They then agree to tell the mother, the problem was which one. Sylvia is devastated to hear the news, thinking him not normal and storms out of the room sobbing. In the middle of the night Blanche goes to see the little baby and says “gawd love you” and decides there was no way he looked like a Justin and holds him.

Blanche and Sylvia get into an argument, Sylvia believed the baby would have to go in a home and Blanche angrily tells her the only home he would go into hers, the planned adoption was off. Blanche decides to call her son Robert, the next order of business was telling her husband and daughters still at home, Walter was unsure at bringing him home and very still when meeting his son, Blanche is adamant that she wants to take him home. Her daughters on the other hand instantly fall in love with Robert, loving everything about him but Walter still seemed very uncomfortable. Another visitor was Violet Buckle who’s ward Reggie lived with her sometimes and had the same condition, she holds Robert and says it felt like a piece of the jigsaw was filled for her as Reggie only came to live with her when he was a grown man. Violet emotionally tells Blanche that she is a very lucky woman, a sentence not many others would say to her.

Fred Buckle took her husband aside and helped Walter feel better about his new son. Reggie along with Fred, Walter and the girls go for a walk with Robert in the pram. When they were out she gets visited by Sylvia who gives her the engraved mug and the two smile at each other, the mug is engraved with Robert on it, the name of her son. A couple of years later Blanche sent Robert over to the Buckles to play and to participate in a pram decorating competition.