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Sir Brigham Aylward, Baronet is the father of Matthew Aylward, the two do not have the best relationship and are very different people, however both love each other even if they find it hard to say so.  


Sir Brigham is the father of Matthew Aylward, he had at least two other younger sons as his late daughter in law Fiona said that he and his wife Lavinia chose to have nannies raise their sons. When Matthew and Fiona were expecting a baby and Sir Brigham promised his son a box of Cuban Havana cigars for after the birth. Matthew became a father to a baby boy called Jonathan, both of which would one day inherit his baronetcy (a baronetcy being essentially a hereditary knighthood). Unfortunately, his daughter in law Fiona developed leukaemia around the same time and died. Two years later he became engaged again to Trixie Franklin who worked in the east end of Poplar which Sir Brighams family had had business in for over a century.  

Sir Brigham in old age was quite unwell and around the time of Series 12 had been in hospital but was given according to Matthew as clean a bill of health as he was likely to get, his wife Lavinia tried to help him get his health back by taking him on a cruise, to afford that they sold the family tiara. Sir Brigham decided to visit Poplar which Matthew dreaded.  

Both Sir Brigham and Matthew arrived at Nonnatus House just as nun Sister Veronica was leaving on her scooter. That confused Brigham who thought nuns took vows of poverty and Matthew decided not to tell him that he bought her the scooter, despite not being an easy man to please joyfully greeted his future daughter in law Trixie who she already started to call pops, on the other hand he sent Matthew off to get him Henleys.  

When driving along the roads he comments that the east end was not what it was, he remembered a time arriving with his father to find wharves swarming with men from dockers to bankers. Sir Brigham simply saw the east end as a source of income, when reminiscing he ordered Matthew to stop the car as he needed the toilet. After he urinated in a tunnel he told his son they needed to get their business out of the east end as the docks were largely finished (all of the London docklands closed at that time between 1960 and 1980). Matthew tried to tell his father the east end was more than just buildings but people, Sir Brigham thought his son was just being an idealistic socialist and that he never did hard graft in his life.  

Sir Brigham is given a lunch at Nonnatus House and happily starts enjoying the steak and kidney pie, he said it was a pleasure to put faces to the names and that he should bring Lavinia next time. Sister Veronica compliments Matthews renovations on Lisbon buildings making it an adequate place to live, however Brigham is not overly pleased. After being taken home Matthew comments both were exhausted with each other.  

Sir Brigham arrives at Matthews flat hoping to see his grandson Jonty but he had started going to nursery school. He suggests he and Matthew go to work and visit some of the tenement blocks like Lisbon Buildings that Matthew was fond of, Matthew responds he put money into Lisbon buildings because he was ashamed of the state the family business had kept it in. Sir Brigham makes known his intent to “sell the whole bally hovel from under them”. Matthew instead got on his councils overcoat as he had temporarily joined a council bathing scheme, hard graft which according to Matthew made him learn what it was like to live on the kindness of others, before he goes he tells his father that there was more to life than investment.  

He stayed at Matthews flat but began feeling unwell and called Trixie at Nonnatus House. She arrived and found him suffering from indigestion, they sit down and have a chat. Brigham admits he hates having words with Matthew, Trixie says that father and son struggle with showing each other pride or respect. Brigham admits he was never one for demonstration, not since the trenches but he’d rather leave that not talked about. Trixie asks him when not discussing war turned into not discussing love, Brigham's response was when they realise there were better things to talk about like business which in his opinion never got boring. But Trixie explained business never interested Matthew and he only gave up his career as a barrister for him. Brigham asked Trixie to tell Matthew he was grateful for that and that he was a good chap. He then went off to the bathroom with a pain in his chest.  

When Trixie was in the kitchen she heard a big groan and a thud. She ran into the bathroom and found Brigham having died instantly and she began weeping over his body. Trixie is the one who had to break the news to Matthew and Lavinia, the funeral is held soon after. The moment Sir Brigham died the Aylward baronetcy passed to Matthew, he and Trixie have their wedding not long after.