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Bronwyn Parry is the mother of Lois Parry, she is looking forward to her daughters upcoming wedding but is shocked when Lois has a revelation.


Bronwyn is the mother of Lois Parry and Nancy Parry, when Bronwyn was in labour she was attended to by Sister Monica Joan. Unbeknownst to her, Lois never began her periods but Bronwyn was never told and simply bought her sanitary products and said no more about it. Her daughter Lois got engaged to Paul Chester and she is eagerly helping her daughter plan the wedding.

One day in 1964 Bronwyn was called to the surgery to have a smear test which where still quite new back then but decided not to so Lois went in her place. When there she reveals her problems to Nurse Trixie Franklin, Dr Turner examines her and couldn’t find a cervix so she is referred to the hospital. Lois lies to her mother by telling her she is going to order the wedding cake, Bronwyn hoped to go to it but Lois pretends she wants to do it herself.

As it turns out Lois has a condition called testicular feminization syndrome, so she had testes where her ovaries would be, making her a mix of both sexes, making it an intersex condition. When Lois gets home Bronwyn is excited that the invitations have arrived, but Lois doesn’t seem too interested.

Lois decides to break off the engagement because of the condition, she then tears her dress apart making Bronwyn upset and angry, at first she thinks Paul broke the engagement off but Lois says it was her. Bronwyn then storms off and arrives to Nonnatus House where she begins angrily abusing Sister Monica Joan greatly confusing her. This goes on until Sister Julienne turns up and tells Bronwyn to stop speaking to or about Sister Monica Joan in that way.

The two go into her office and Bronwyn blames Sister Monica Joan for not knowing something was wrong but Sister Julienne explains that Lois outwardly would have looked to be a normal baby girl. But she is still upset that the 20 years she spent raising her daughter have changed because of her test, but Sister Julienne explains Lois hasn’t. Bronwyn still blames herself however for not knowing but Sister Julienne assures her she will be Lois’s strength.

When she gets home she finds that Lois has attempted suicide and Bronwyn is guilt ridden, luckily they get her to the hospital and she makes a full recovery. When they get home she tells her Paul has been waiting everyday for her. The wedding was still off and the church let her off everything, they’ll muddle through.

In the end Lois decides to tell Paul about her condition and she accepts her for it, their love becomes stronger than ever and it looks as though the wedding is back on.