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Buckle’s newsagents is a newsagents and tobacconists opened up by Fred Buckle close to Nonnatus House in the 2020 Christmas special.


Buckles newsagents was opened in the 2020 Christmas special by Fred Buckle with help from wife Violet and from Reggie Jackson who he takes on as a part time comic advisor for when he makes his visits to poplar. The shop sells newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, drink and snacks like chocolate bars. The shop is mostly run by Fred though Violet who has her own shop not far away still takes an active role in it, she being the more business minded of the two, when Fred began giving food away Violet was angry at first but when she meets the homeless family he was giving away to she becomes less strict on that however the two can still get into arguments over the shop such as when Fred and Reggie gave away all the shops ice lollies when the freezer broke. Fred’s habit of get rich quick schemes also die hard with him planning to tell dodgy turkeys in there until Violet put a stop to it. Above the flat live Cyril Robinson and later on wife Nurse Lucille Robinson, the two run their church there with Cyril as their pastor, the rent being paid by the church and they get on well in the arrangement.



  • Fred Buckle-manager
  • Violet Buckle-manager
  • Reggie Jackson-part time assistant/comic advisor
  • Joey Fletcher - paperboy
  • Donny - paperboy


  • Cyril Robinson (series 10-present)
  • Lucille Robinson (series 11-12)