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"“Carol, there is more kindness in the world than you have ever seen. That’s not your fault. But it’s there. And you deserve to receive it”"
- Sister Frances when speaking to Carole

Carole Reece is an underaged mother who appeared in two episodes of Call the Midwife. She is played by Ellie-May Sheridan.


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Carole Reece first appeared at the surgery with her baby boy Dean and foster mother Norma Johnson who she lived with and would until her looming sixteenth birthday in which they would be given a new flat. At the surgery she meets with Sister Frances who delivered Dean, it turns out Dean has eczema making his skin sensitive. Sister Frances comes by the flat to check on them and according to Norma she has boys calling for her at all hours of the day, being a mum didn’t stop her being a teenager. Norma can’t help but wonder what she’ll do when she has no one to send the boys away as her mother often neglected her leading her to seek love in the arms of others.

Carole thinks her baby son Dean doesn’t like her but Sister Frances assures her that Dean cries for communication with her not because he doesn’t like her. Sister Frances is worried about Carole getting pregnant again and so Dr Turner suggests the pill but that wouldn’t work as she wouldn’t be disciplined about taking it so the idea of having the coil fitted is brought up.

When Carole moves into her flat she thinks it’s great, like a palace with everything she needs. Sister Frances thinks it’s a dump, she then takes the moment to suggest the coil to Carole but she says she doesn’t even want to have sex again let alone have another baby. She swears she’s done with boys. When Sister Frances comes by again with a housewarming gift from the allotment Carole informs her the prescribed cream is helping with Dean’s eczema but she notices that Carole’s hands are red from scratching.

Sister Frances offers to check the sheets to make sure no bugs live with her and Dean causing the excessive itching, she finds nothing that could lead to it and suggests a trip to Dr Turners where she could talk about the coil but Carole rebuffs again as she didn’t know anyone. She comments how strange it is living alone as she spent her whole life with others is residential care and she never anticipated how strange living with just a baby would be. Sister Frances offers to do some babysitting at Nonnatus house so Carole could go to the youth club.

Carole goes out but stays out beyond the agreed time she would return causing Sister Frances to worry. As it turns out Carole was with a boy who abandoned her when she gave him bad news, she gets back to Nonantus House where Sister Frances works out she was with a boy. Sister Frances is convinced there is something wrong with Carole and brings Dr Turner to have a look at her where they find her sprawled out on the floor and Dean crying. They check her over and find her suffering from jaundice but there is still something deeper.

Carole is taken to the hospital where it is found she’s pregnant, nearing her third trimester. Sister Frances is allowed to see her, she then reveals the boy she was with is the father. He walked away because he is a boy and doesn’t have to carry the child or live with the stigma but she can’t.

Carole goes into premature labour just as Sister Frances arrives and asks Sister Frances to stay, at first the hospital midwife Sister Edwards disagrees but Sister Frances persuades her on the condition there would be no medical interference. Carole is in lots of pain and is exhausted but she gives birth to a daughter, unfortunately her daughter is stillborn. Carole is devastated and isn’t allowed to see her baby, she is then given a needle to speed up the arrival of the placenta.

Sister Edwards is practically minded and doesn’t give as much thought to Carole’s feelings but proves she does have some consideration when she gets Carole a bed on female medical ward rather than maternity. At first the baby was to be thrown away, Sister Frances found her right as the Sister Edwards walks in. She convinces her to bury the stillborn baby girl in a coffin with someone who recently passed away, a tradition common in the area. As is happens while Carole and Sister Frances where in the delivery room a train crash and derailment occurred, the train having Dr Turner, Sister Julienne and Nancy Corrigan on board. Nancy gets off but the others are still trapped. A woman named Mrs Dorothy Carnie was badly scalded and died from her injuries, her daughter Pauline Brettall came to Nonnatus House the next day and was happy to let the baby and her mother go in together.

Meanwhile the cause of Carole’s itching and jaundice turns out to be a condition called Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy—a liver disorder so uncommon, Phyllis Crane, who had been a midwife for thirty five years, hadn’t heard of it.

Finally Carole is discharged from hospital and meets Pauline Brettell. She gets her flowers and meets her large family. She decides not to go on the coil because she wasn’t going to go after boys right now—it could wait. Now she needed to be Dean’s mother.

Pauline invited Carole to bring Dean to meet her grandson, who was around the same age, and spend time with her family. Carole finally found love and a place to belong, like she so desperately craved.