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Catherine "Cath" Hindman appeared in two episodes of Series Eight of Call the Midwife. She is played by Emily Barber.


Aspiring model Cath Hindman first appeared in S08E01. She underwent an abortion, then illegal in the United Kingdom, after discovering she was pregnant, but she soon complained that she felt unwell. After vomiting in the sink, she tells her sister Lesley about the abortion, but is scared to go to hospital for fear they will get the police involved, so leaving her newborn baby in the care of her husband, Ned, Lesley takes Cath to Nonnatus House.

When Cath and Lesley arrive at Nonnatus House, Sister Frances and Valerie Dyer take her up to the bathroom quietly as policeman Sergeant Woolf is currently having tea in the kitchen. After Cath delivers the foetus, and Sergeant Woolf is gone, Sister Frances brings Sister Julienne to the bathroom and Valerie tells her Cath is showing signs of a nasty infection. Sister Julienne calls an ambulance and accompanies Cath to the hospital. There Cath has to have emergency surgery, and when she wakes up, the doctors tell her that due to the damage that was done to her womb, they had to perform a hysterectomy.

Heartbroken, Cath tells Lesley that she wanted to have a baby one day, and now she'll never be able to have a child of her own. As soon as she is able to walk, Cath discharges herself from the hospital and moves up west, saying she wants to put all this behind her, and won't even reveal the name of the woman who performed the procedure for fear that she will get into trouble with the police.

The woman who performed Cath's abortion is eventually revealed to be Valerie's grandmother, Elsie Dyer. After Valerie and colleague Trixie report her to the police, Elsie is arrested, but she pleads not guilty and is taken to court. Sister Frances and Sister Monica Joan track down Cath and persuade her to go to court and give evidence. Cath tells the court about her ordeal, and how she thinks of Elsie every time she looks at her hysterectomy scar in the mirror, looks in a pram, or thinks of how she nearly ran up those stairs into that backroom because she thought Elsie was saving her. After Cath finishes giving her evidence, Elsie changes her plea to guilty and is sentenced to six years in jail.


Too much has gone on behind closed doors. I thought I wanted it left there. But when the Sisters came to see me, I realized that other people want more.

- Cath telling Valerie why she has decided to break her silence.

It didn't seem such a lot of money. Seven pounds. But it's a price I'll never stop paying.

- Cath telling the court about her ordeal, S08E08.