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Charles Newgarden was a seriously ill man who wants to give a legacy to Nonnatus House, he is also an old friend of Sister Julienne and their rekindled friendship made her consider her life. He was played by Nicholas Farrell.


Charles Newgarden was born into an army family, his father was posted to Aden, Yemen. Also posted there was the family of a young girl called Louise and the two became close pals, over time Charles beginning to fall in love with her and asked her to the cinema to see Charlie Chaplin in City of lights and she accepted but stood him up and he never saw the film afterwards. Charles knew that faith was growing in her and she joined a convent taking the name Sister Julienne and only wrote to him from then on, Charles went on to become an optician and then a spectacle manufacturer whose business became very successful with the launch of the national health service in 1948 with the increased demand for the free spectacles making him a wealthy man and lived on the west end of London, Sister Julienne meanwhile worked as a nurse in the east end of London.  

Charles married a woman called Muriel and through her he exchanged a Christmas card with Sister Julienne. He had three children with her, two daughters and a son called Anthony. Through them he became a grandfather of eight, his wife Muriel before the series and Charles began suffering from heart problems and later was diagnosed with heart failure, his son Anthony appeared to still live at home with him possibly to care for him. He wrote his will and decided to give some of his fortune to Nonnatus House in Poplar where his former beloved once known as Louise worked and nurse, he said he could have just sent a cheque, but he wanted a chance to see her again and so Sister Julienne and another nun Sister Winifred came to his house.  

Both sisters arrive at his house and are greeted by Anthony who explained his father was on oxygen because of heart failure. Both sisters walk in and Charles asked Sister Julienne how many years it had been and she answers not quite thirty, he invites them to sit. He offers Sister Winifred biscuits and sends her off to the kitchen so he could speak to Sister Julienne alone. He tells her she hadn’t changed, that despite getting older she was still the same girl who stood him up outside the palais cinema. He called her Louise; both then get upset and Sister Julienne leaves.  

Sister Julienne does agree to go back to his house, unfortunately it happened to be one of Charles grandchildren's birthday and she felt bad for pushing into a family occasion. The two also talk about his late wife Muriel and how he saw her in his children's faces but it was Sister Julienne’s she could not see. He admitted that his wanting to give money to Nonnatus House was not selfless but a way of seeing Sister Julienne again.  

Charles has Anthony invite Sister Julienne to the flicks again on the strict understanding he didn’t stand her up again. There were choc ices in the freezer because last time he wanted to buy her all her favourite refreshments, but he makes it clear he bears her no ill will, they both found a different sort of happiness even if it wasn't one together. He asked her how she wanted to hear the news when he died, he offered to send Anthony but she simply wanted a letter. The two then enjoy the film they would have seen decades before.  

A short while later Charles died and Anthony sent a letter notifying her of his death. The money he gave was able to restore Nonnatus House which was in a state of disrepair. But Sister Julienne is devastated and still lingers with doubt.