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Christmas Special 2015 is the fourth Christmas special and the 34 episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 25 December 2015 in the UK.


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It's Christmastime again, the BBC are planning to televise a carol service in Poplar. Shelagh seeks to get a choir together, but her plans are thrown into chaos when several of the children she has organised fall ill with measles and have to be quarantined. In the meantime, the midwives tend to a young woman named Rosemary, who is pregnant with twins. Her aunt, Iris Willens, a church cleaner, had a baby daughter who died twenty years earlier at only four months, and ever since she has been quite sullen. She also wishes she had named her baby daughter something else as she felt the name she gave her, Lorna, sounded quite sad.

After a heated argument with Sister Evangelina, Sister Monica Joan runs away from Nonnatus House. Whilst searching for her, Fred finds her shoes, and a policeman finds her cap and wimple in a bin. The team at Nonnatus House fear for her safety, especially Sister Evangelina, who feels guilty about how she spoke to her the last time she saw her. When an elderly woman's body is found washed up on the banks of the River Thames, everybody fears the worst. Sisters Julienne and Evangelina go to the mortuary to identify the body, but it's not Sister Monica Joan.

Meanwhile, Delia reappears in Patsy's life, and Patsy is delighted to find Delia has got her memories back and has been given a spotless bill of health. However, Delia's mother is against her daughter returning to London because she has been so poorly.

During a conversation with Phyllis, Sister Evangelina realizes that Sister Monica Joan has returned to her childhood home, and so she has Fred drive her to the grand estate in Berkshire which is now dilapidated and abandoned, and she finds Sister Monica Joan there and brings her home. Iris then begins experiencing severe abdominal pains and heads over to the church where she finds Shelagh. She explains that she woke up feeling badly and has a history of kidney stones. Shelagh takes her to Dr Turner's surgery, and after listening to her stomach, they tell her she's having a baby.

Iris begins to panic, saying she doesn't feel safe, and when she had Lorna, Sister Julienne told her the most important thing was to feel safe. The Turners take her to the maternity home, and Iris, still in a state of panic, asks Shelagh how she couldn't have known she was pregnant, but Shelagh assures her she is not the first woman this has happened to. Sister Julienne arrives, and Iris immediately calms down. Sister Julienne tells Iris she has often remembered Lorna in her prayers. Iris tearfully says she never thought she would have another child, and that she just kept on loving Lorna, and Sister Julienne assures her she always will, adding "Love is not going to be halved, but doubled".

Whilst Iris labours, her husband Walter arrives and Dr Turner tells him what's happening. Walter tries to smoke a cigarette, but his hands are shaking too much, so Patrick holds it for him. Eventually, Iris gives birth to a baby girl. Later, when Walter asks what they're gonna name their new daughter, Iris responds "No sad names this time", and decides to call her Joy. Iris realizes she isn't prepared for the child, but luckily, Violet is holding a draw for a baby's layette, and she and Fred throw out all the tickets that did not have Iris' number, so she wins.

Sister Monica Joan buys a television for Nonnatus House using money she'd got from pawning her mother's jewels.




Rosemary McConolough
Iris Willens


Songs featured[]

  • (Everybody's Waitin' for) The Man with the Bag by Kay Starr
  • That's Love by Billy Fury
  • ‘’Hopeful Romantic by Jacob Henry


  • It's on DVD off serie 6, there are two christmas specials. The first one is this one this.
  • The first Christmas Special not to feature Chummy (although she was meant to appear, but Miranda Hart had to pull out due to illness)


Sister Evangelina: "If we get her back safely, she can put up next years tree on Easter Sunday if she likes".

- Sister Evangelina talking about Sister Monica Joan.

Tom: "Well, you can have one if you like".

Barbara: "Thank you".

Barbara: "Yellow and Pink. The thing that fascinates me the most about these is that they're so pale until you lick them. And then their colour changes completely . I love them".

Tom: "Most people look at the lollies, like they're a childhood thing".

Barbara: "I don't! I've no pride and no shame when it comes to confectionery. You should try one".

Tom: "Yellow and Green".

Barbara: "See? You don't know what you've been missing".

- Tom and Barbara talking about Sherbert Lollipops.

Iris: "Sister Julienne? You delivered my Lorna".

Sister Julienne: "Yes, I did. And I've often remembered her in my prayers".

Iris: "I never thought I'd have another child. I just, I kept loving her".

Sister Julienne: "And you always will. Love is not going to be halved. But doubled".


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