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Christmas Special 2020 is the tenth Christmas special and the 79th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 25 December 2020 in the UK.


The circus comes to Poplar. Everyone at Nonnatus House is saddened by the sudden departure of Valerie, who has gone to work at the Hope Clinic in South Africa. Trixie's godmother gives her a subscription to a Marriage Bureau so that she won't end up "on the shelf". A fall leaves Sister Monica Joan in hospital with a broken leg. Also, Shelagh meets a familiar face.


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Beatrix Franklin
Lucille Anderson
Phyllis Crane


Sister Julienne
Sister Monica Joan
Sister Frances
Sister Hilda


Gloria Venables


Frederick Buckle
Violet Buckle
Reggie Jackson
Patrick Turner
Shelagh Turner
Timothy Turner
Cyril Robinson
Tony Venables


  • Beginning with this episode, Sister Julienne now wears glasses.
  • Katie Lyons reprises her role as Gloria Venables from S06E04.
  • Sister Frances reveals she is afraid of clowns.
  • When Trixie knocks on the bathroom door and says to Sister Hilda it's either Lucille or Sister Monica Joan in the bathroom, Sister Frances says Sister Monica Joan went to the parlour after chapel and is waiting for Doctor Who to start. In this episode, Doctor Turner treats a man called Mr. Percival, who is played by Peter Davison, who portrayed the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in the long-running series.


Phyllis: You may only see a haemorrhage like this once every Preston Guild, but you certainly won't forget it in a hurry.

- Phyllis after bringing in a mop and a bucket to clean up blood after a new mother haemorrhages.

Shelagh: I always wondered how you got on.

Gloria: Not too well at first. I lost that one, as you know. And then three more.

Shelagh: I'm so sorry.

Gloria: Don't be. (She opens her coat to reveal her baby bump) I'm 38 weeks!

- Shelagh reuniting with Gloria Venables.

Shelagh: Have you told us about all your babies now, Gloria?

Gloria: (nods)

Shelagh: Brian, David, Peter, Ruth, Rebecca, John, and Anthony.

Gloria: Thank you for saying their names.

- Shelagh and Gloria during Gloria's labour.

Gloria: I'm a Mum, Shelagh. I'm a mother.

Shelagh: (tearfully) You've been a mother for a long, long time.

- Shelagh and Gloria following the birth of Gloria's daughter.