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Christmas Special 2021 is the tenth Christmas special and the 87th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on the 25th of December 2021 in the UK.


It's December 1966, and good tidings are in the air. Following a long engagement, Lucille and Cyril are excited about their upcoming nuptials and can't wait to get married on Boxing Day. However, as the day approaches, nothing seems to run smoothly, and the wedding ceremony itself is put in jeopardy. While Nancy focuses on her final midwifery examinations, it is all hands on deck as the Nonnatus team prepare for what will inevitably be a busy Christmas. The maternity home is filled with expectant mums-to-be, each with their own challenging case.


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Phyllis Crane
Lucille Anderson
Beatrix Franklin
Ann Corrigan


Sister Julienne
Sister Monica Joan
Sister Frances
Sister Hilda
Mother Mildred (final appearance)


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Patrick Turner
Shelagh Turner
Timothy Turner
Angela Turner
May Tang
Edward Turner
Millicent Higgins
Frederick Buckle
Violet Buckle
Reggie Jackson
Cyril Robinson
Matthew Aylward

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