Christopher Dockerill is a dentist who first appeared in Series Six of Call the Midwife. He is currently dating Beatrix Franklin. He is portrayed by Jack Hawkins.

Overview Edit

Christopher first appears in the fifth episode of Series Six. He is first seen helping Sister Winifred teaching young children how to take care of their teeth. Trixie is tending to Crystal Williams, an expectant mother with badly decayed teeth, and she realizes she didn't keep her dental appointment, so she asks Christopher to come have a look at her. After seeing her teeth, Christopher asks Crystal to come see him at the hospital so he can have a better look with his tools. Crystal is terrified of dentists, but Trixie offers to come support her, and after getting a better look at her teeth, Christopher tells Crystal he's going to have to remove all her teeth. Trixie continues to support Crystal as she has her teeth removed one by one. Following the procedure, Crystal goes into labour. Christopher helps support her as Trixie delivers her of a baby boy.

Christopher and Trixie begin a relationship soon after, but it soon becomes apparent that they both have secrets, and Trixie suspects Christopher is seeing another woman, and she is reluctant to tell him about her past struggle with alcoholism. When Christopher brings a bottle of champagne on one date, Trixie makes up an excuse not to drink it. Christopher eventually tells Trixie he has a young daughter named Alexandra from a prior marriage, and Trixie does eventually reveal she is a recovering alcoholic, but is reluctant to meet Alexandra, fearing she won't be good for her. In the final episode of Series Six, Trixie agrees to meet Alexandra, and the two connect immediately.

In the first episode of Series Seven, Christopher reveals his ex-wife's name to be Moira, and that she's a bitter woman.