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Clifford Raines is a variety show presenter who the nurses from Nonnatus House hope to recruit as a famous judge for the baby show they're holding. He agrees and asks Trixie Franklin on a date but afterwards he shows who he really is beyond his film star charm. He was played by Tristan Gemmill.


Poplar was holding a community fete, normally the proceeds went wholly to a leprosy hospital in Ceylon but it was decided the proceeds would be divided among the hospital and the antenatal clinic of the nuns. With two beneficiaries the vicars wife Mrs Clarke suggested a famous judge for their baby show to raise more money than usual. The midwives working are tasked with finding a celebrity, they consider names of stars such as Harry Seacombe, Spike Milligan, Alma Cogan and Cliff Richard but none were quite right. Then at the Nonnatus clinic Trixie Franklin is told by the photographer that Clifford Raines the variety show presenter was filming at a nearby theatre, though neither Trixie nor Jenny had heard of him as the nuns didn’t get television set until a few years later.  

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