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Colette Corrigan (also spelled Collette) is the daughter of Nancy Corrigan; she was brought up by the catholic nuns in an orphanage and was told Nancy was her sister. At first Nancy complied however she eventually decides to take things into her own hands for the welfare of her daughter. She is played by Francesca Fullilove.


Colette was the result of an affair between the teenage Nancy Corrigan and another boy presumably of the same age in Cork. In most circumstances the baby of an unmarried mother would be put up for adoption but some of the sisters were on Nancy’s side, so they arranged for Colette to be brought up in one of the orders branch houses, Fatima Lodge in England. Colette was told that Nancy was her sister, the two “sisters” were allowed a visit once a month and by prior arrangement. At first Nancy complied with these rules, she began training as a midwife but was less than a model pupil in her part one midwifery but passed. She was sent to take part in a training scheme run by the sisters of St Raymond Nonnatus and rented a room in their convent. Her character references had been falsified and the existence of Colette kept a secret, it was after a while living with the nuns Nancy came clean about Colette and her future was left hanging in the balance.

Nancy decided to visit her daughter at Fatima lodge and was treated with surprise when she arrived. She was also threatened with not being allowed to see her daughter at all. The first time Colette is seen in person is in that visit, Colette was playing with fuzzy felts, Nancy also brings sweets for her “sister”. As Colette took off her cardie Nancy noticed bruises on her, this makes her so furious she confronts the nuns that had been abusing her daughter, like they abused her. Nancy decides to take Colette from the orphanage and raise her herself.

The two spend the rest of the day at a fair, Nancy tells Colette they were on a big adventure but in reality, didn’t know what to do. The nuns and nurses at Nonnatus House find that Nancy is absent and confront the catholic sisters and the result was according to Phyllis Crane “two orders of nuns at each other’s throats”. Colette gets a goldfish at the fair; the pair stay at a hotel for some of the night, but Nancy is short on money and when the man running the hotel offers sexual favours in exchange for a room Nancy leaves. The two go to Nonnatus House, Nancy is allowed to resume her training to become a qualified midwife and Colette moves in with a local foster family.

Colette pays visits to Nonnatus house to visit her mother who she still thinks is her sister, one of those visits is over Christmas where she drew a picture for Cyril and Lucille who were having their wedding on boxing day, she also attended their wedding. Another visit was in S11 E01, over easter by which point she has become friends with the Turner girls Angela and May. Colette isn’t entirely settled in however Nancy struggles with her secret. It is shown when Nancy does not know if Collette had the chicken pox. She feels like she was the one who needed to know that, and that she shouldn’t have to ask others for this kind of information. Meanwhile, Collette still believes that Nancy is her sister. In the same episode, Nancy tells Collette that she is her mother over ice cream. It seems that Collette is taking it well.

Colette is next seen in S11 E03 playing a ball game with her mother, who she finally begins calling mummy, Nancy smiles when she hears this. Colette very briefly seen in S11 E04 being given one of Fred Buckles free ice lollies. After that she is only mentioned for the remainder of Series 11, in S11 E07 Nancy must cancel their weekly Saturday day of fun to attend a midwifery conference. Sister Hilda offers to give up her Sunday off so the mother and daughter get to have their day, however a train crash prevents this, Nancy is able to get off but must go into action as a nurse, so their Sunday was cancelled as well. However, her mother is safe and well.

Colette spends Christmas day at Nonnatus House, she, Angela, and May along with Nancy watch the TV that Nancy bought. Nancy and Colette have a game of trying to work guess what Sister Frances’s old name was. At the end of the episode after fracturing her shoulder Sister Frances returns to the mother house and tells Colette her name is Rosemary. Colette attends dancing lessons with Angela and May and Shelagh is tasked with organising the maypole dance, Shelagh who Colette has taken to calling Auntie Shelagh offered to lend Colette a dress of Angela’s to wear at the dance but Nancy surprises her with an expensive dress of her own. Nancy continues to spend money on expensive gifts for Colette and ends up in debt. Colette says her foster parents Terry and Vera were taking her to Brighton, Colette wants to know when Nancy and her with have a home of their own. The TV Nancy bought was taken back and Phyllis offers to help Nancy with her money. Nancy gets Colette a post office book she would show to her to know how much closer the mother and daughter were to getting a flat of their own. Colette later attends the birthday party of her friend May Turner with her mother and the Nonnatus nuns.

Colette is given a school project to paint someone who she finds inspirational and she chooses Sister Monica Joan who agrees, the elderly nun is hiding a dog she found and only Colette is let in on the secret. Colette decides to paint the dog into the picture who is named “Nothing”. Colette is asked to be a bridesmaid at Trixie’s wedding alongside her mother. On the eve of the big day Colette begins getting nosebleeds which nearly stain her dress, however they get it under control and she later goes to the reception in Poplar.

Sister Julienne offered Colette and Nancy a room in Nonnatus House so they could live as a family together, Colette wrote in letter to Father Christmas she didn't need any presents as she already had everything she wanted. She also helped the depressed Sister Monica Joan by getting her to talk about her memories of Christmas in her youth, they then recreate that for her which makes her happy about Christmas again.