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Comic Relief was a comedy sketch broadcast on 15 March 2013 during that year's Comic Relief fund-raiser. It parodied the Channel 4 documentary series One Born Every Minute and the BBC dramas Call the Midwife and Doctor Who.


Dawn is about to give birth but calling the midwife has strange consequences.


On a modern labour ward, an expectant mother named Dawn is in labour and orders her boyfriend Tony to call the midwife. As soon as he rings the buzzer, Chummy and Sister Evangelina enter the room on their bicycles, but Dawn is confused by Chummy's posh talk. Chummy and Sister Evangelina are shocked when Tony, whom they mistook for a doctor, admits he's the father, and Chummy asks "What happens if you see her downstairs department?" before adding "Cheeky!" (a reference to Miranda Hart's popular sitcom Miranda) before Sister Evangelina tells her "Wrong show". They both react with utter disgust when Tony reveals they're not married with Sister Evangelina holding up her crucifix.

Tony rings the buzzer again, only for Jenny, Trixie, and Cynthia to cycle into the room. Jenny gets mad when Dawn mistakes them as being from Downton Abbey, shakes her and yells "We are much butter than that show!". Tony rings the buzzer again, and this time Sister Julienne enters the room with a trolley laden with food and tea. When Dawn cries that she thinks that there's something wrong, the midwives all begin chattering, only to be interrupted by a narration from Mature Jenny, and they all shout "Not now, Vanessa Redgrave!".

A modern day midwife enters the room and is mistaken for a man by Sister Julienne due to her wearing trousers. Tony hits the buzzer for a forth time trying to call for a doctor, only for the Tardis to appear and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) emerges. He quickly reveals he previously knew Sister Evangelina before she was a nun, and then reveals to Dawn that she is about to give birth to twins whom she will name Jonathan and Edward, and warns her to keep them apart or else they will become the dreaded X-Factor duo Jedward. The horrified midwives all scream and cry "Take us back to 1958!", but Sister Evangelina says "Take me back to 1934, causing the other midwives to groan with disgust. Mature Jenny begins to provide another narration before everyone else cuts her off again by shouting "Shut up, Vanessa Redgrave!". Everyone then smiles at the camera and a photograph is taken as the sketch ends.



Jennifer Lee
Beatrix Franklin
Cynthia Miller
Camilla Noakes


Sister Julienne
Sister Evangelina




Eleventh Doctor


  • Both of Mature Jenny's narrations in this sketch came from S02E01.