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Connie Manley is a new mother who appeared in S05E02. She is played by Jessie Cave.


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While awaiting the birth of her first child, Connie attends a meeting at the Iris Knight Institute where mothers are being urged to give their babies formula milk. This however is met with stern opposition from Sister Evangelina, who insists "breast is best". When Connie's baby is born, she finds herself unable to breastfeed and tries to tell Sister Evangelina, who stubbornly refuses to listen, and Connie soon begins to think her inability to breastfeed and resorting to formula milk would make her a bad mother.

When Connie's husband Frankie seeks help from Nonnatus House, Sister Mary Cynthia answers and discovers Connie is bleeding and their baby is seriously dehydrated. On returning to Nonnatus House, Sister Mary Cynthia gently but firmly reprimands Sister Evangelina, telling her the consequences of her stubborn attitudes. Devastated, Sister Evangelina visits the Manley's and apologizes to Connie, admitting it was her who endangered her baby's life. She later goes to Sister Julienne's office and asks to leave Nonnatus House for six months at least to spend time with the Sisters of the Blessed Infant Christ, an enclosed order that maintains silence throughout the day.