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Crystal Williams is a mother pregnant with her fifth child, but she also has badly decayed teeth. She is played by Laura Elphinstone.


The first time we see Crystal is after her husband Bill calls Nonnatus House to say she's in a lot of pain, but according to Phyllis, she's not due to give birth for another two weeks, so she asks Trixie to go tend to her. When Trixie, who refers to Crystal as "The most miserable woman in Poplar" goes to the Williams' home address, she discovers Crystal isn't having contractions, but the pain is coming from her teeth, which are badly decayed. Trixie takes her to see Dr. Turner, who determines she has abscesses and prescribes her some antibiotics and makes an appointment for her at the dental department at the hospital. Crystal becomes frightened, saying she doesn't want to see the dentist, but Dr. Turner tells her that, next to spiders, a fear of the dentist is quite a common phobia, but there is nothing to be ashamed of.

When Trixie next sees Crystal at the clinic, she realises she didn't go to the dentist when Crystal doesn't answer her after she asks how it went. She asks a dentist named Christopher Dockerill, who had been helping Sister Winifred to teach some children about dental hygene, to have a look at her. After looking at her teeth, Christopher tells her to come see him as soon as she can so he can have a better look, and Trixie agrees to accompany her if she wishes. Trixie goes with Crystal to the dental department at the hospital where Crystal breathes in and out of a paper bag to calm her nerves.

After taking a better look at Crystal's teeth, Christopher tells her he'll have to take all of her teeth out. When Crystal wakes up afterwards, she starts laughing, and Christopher tells Trixie it's a fairly common reaction to the gas. Later, Crystal begins to feel sick from the anaesthesia. As Trixie goes to fetch her a bowl, Crystal says she thinks the baby is coming, and she stands up to show her seat is wet with amniotic fluid. Trixie and Christopher take her up to the maternity ward where Crystal gives birth to a baby boy. As she holds the newborn, Crystal says "He's gonna take good care of his teeth. I don't want him to go through what I've been through."

When Crystal returns home, she sees Sister Winifred has been teaching her kids how to properly brush their teeth, and she happily compliments her, calling her "a miracle worker." A short time later, Christopher fits Crystal with a set of dentures and gives her a mirror with which to see her new smile. Slowly, Crystal opens her lips and she starts to laugh. She is last seen leaving happily with her family.