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Cyril Alphonse Robinson is a recurring character in Call the Midwife, having been introduced in S08E05. He is played by Zephryn Taitte.


In series eight, Phyllis hired a mechanic to fix her car – and while working on the car outside Nonnatus House, Cyril first laid eyes on Lucille and fell head-over-heels for her. He is an immigrant from Guyana and spends his evenings studying civil engineering, and likes to enjoy the West Indian social scene. Cyril and Lucille enjoyed a slow courtship before marrying in the 2021 Christmas Special.


Series 8[]

Cyril makes his first appearance in the fifth episode of Series 8. When Phyllis Crane started having problems with her car, Fred Buckle told her he knew a mechanic who came highly recommended, to which Phyllis responded "A mechanic who comes highly recommended? Gold dust!". Cyril arrived at Nonnatus House whilst Phyllis was out on call, but Valerie Dyer gave him the car keys and he started trying to fix it. When Lucille Anderson returned from her rounds, she saw Cyril's legs sticking out from under Phyllis' car, and Sister Monica Joan brought him out a cup of tea. Soon after, Cyril and Lucille begin a relationship.

Series 9[]

Cyril and Lucille's relationship carries on in Series 9. In the last episode, they come to the aid of Lucille's colleague, Valerie when her grandmother Elsie, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is released from prison (where she had been serving a six year sentence for carrying out abortions (then illegal in the United Kingdom)) to spend her last days at home under Valerie's care. Valerie leaves her grandmother under the care of Cyril and Lucille after Elsie persuades her to go get herself an ice cream despite Valerie's objections, and as Elsie's life slowly ebbs away, Cyril and Lucille begin to sing "Amazing Grace", but Valerie does not get back in time to be with her grandmother as she takes her final breaths.

Series 10[]

In the aftermath of her grandmother's death, Valerie left Nonnatus House and went to South Africa to work at Hope Clinic. Her colleagues, particularly Lucille, are saddened that Valerie left without any warning, and Cyril tells her that Valerie was probably afraid of causing pain which was why she left without saying goodbye.

In S10E04, Cyril proposes to Lucille, and she accepts.

Series 11[]

Lucille and Cyril get married in the 2021 Christmas Special. The wedding almost didn't happen due to Lucille getting a black eye that swole shut as a result of falling over at her hen party (Sister Hilda had filled the punch bowl with rum). Dr. Turner treated her bad eye with some leeches, and Lucille recovered in time for her and Cyril's wedding.

Lucille and Cyril adjust easily to their married lives, they get on with fellow married couple Fred and Violet and are invited to Reggie Jacksons birthday. They are happy where they are living and find Fred to be a generous landlord but they still want to buy a house of their own, so they begin saving. Cyril applies for a white collar civil engineering job in S11 E04 but is turned down due to “lack of experience” but both expect he was turned down because the employers couldn’t look past the colour of his skin. Happier news comes when Lucille discovers she is pregnant and is worried to tell him as they planned to have children once they were more settled. But when she does tell him, while stunned, he is overjoyed that he will become a father. He is next seen looking in the paper for jobs so that he can raise his child and support his family. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes in the next episode when Lucille suffers a miscarriage.

Lucille and Cyril seem to be on the path of healing, but another tragedy emerges when three of their colleagues, Nancy, Sister Julienne and Patrick are involved in a train crash and explosion. The pair where holding their church at that time and it shattered the windows of it, Mrs Wallace was the last out as she stayed because of glass getting into her eye. Lucille suggests the clinical room at Nonnatus House for those injured and most of the team including the Buckles, Miss Higgins and Sister Monica Joan regroup. They then realise the danger their colleagues are in and fear for their lives. Lucille and all her colleagues do all they can to help the injured and Cyril tries to help and persuades a devastated Shelagh Turner to help out, soon enough Nonnatus House becomes a bloody mess all around. He and Lucille are put up in the room his wife once shared with Phyllis Crane who was on her last week of leave in Rye but she is summoned back to help and she soon puts everything back in order. Everything is put right when Dr Turner and Sister Julienne survive the accident with only broken bones that will heal, and the windows of their home are fixed up.

Series 12[]

Cyril and Lucille are still trying for a baby however Lucille still hasn’t got pregnant again. She is feeling very homesick especially after getting pictures of her sister Celine’s wedding. Things for both of them get far worse when Enoch Powell makes his rivers of blood speech, a criticism of the mass immigration in Britain causing an upsurge in racism in the East End, but Mrs Wallace refuses to accept any word of it and rips a leaflet for a march the dockers are planning up. Lucille is still very depressed and Cyril doesn’t know what to do, Lucille feels so awful she considers walking into a moving road. She goes to see Dr Turner who diagnoses her as having had a nervous breakdown, Cyril decides to spend some of their house money to buy a ticket to Jamaica, he couldn’t go as well because he had work but he drove Lucille there in a motorbike just like the one he drove her on their first date. Cyril misses Lucille and Mrs Wallace and Violet Buckle leave him lots of meals he can heat up on the doorstep. When Reggie comes home feeling very unwell Fred and Violet don’t know what to do and wonder if he’s being lazy which angers Reggie, Cyril talks to his best man and convinces him to go see a doctor. Reggie was worried he was dying but Dr Turner diagnoses him with an underactive thyroid, something which is treatable.

After Cyril was injured when trying to restrain a mentally ill man and was discharged from hospital Violet Buckle arranged an international phone call. Cyril excitedly asked asked Celine to speak to Lucille who told him she was at work. It turns out Lucille took a job at a hospital to pay her way at her parents house and was asked to stay on for a full six months. Cyril flies out to Jamaica to try to work things out but returns without her, Violet tries to assure him their marriage might become all the stronger from the separation but Cyril is still unsure as to whether they could survive it.

Series 13[]

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  • In the 2021 Christmas Special, we learn Cyril's middle name is Alphonse.