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Daphne was the godmother of Beatrix Aylward, they appear to have had a close relationship and both can rely on each other.  


Daphne was likely a close friend of Trixie’s parents, in her youth she worked as a hand model, holding bottles of hand cream for advertisements. She was asked to be the godmother of Trixie and the two evidently had a close relationship, Daphne arranging for her goddaughter to have Constance Spry flower arranging lessons and when she turned 21 gave her the choice of a holiday in Portofino or a course at Lucie Clayton, naturally Trixie picked the former, she was also one of the few people to address her as Beatrix. She also sent Trixie a dress allowance which allowed her to afford clothes that far accede what she could afford with a midwife's wage.  

Daphne lived full time in Portofino and had a very good social life, when her goddaughter battled alcoholism Daphne let her stay in Portofino and nursed her through the worst of her addiction. Once Trixie was better she insisted they go shopping in Paris and arranged for her to go out for dinner with an Italian Count. Trixie later returned to her work in Poplar though not without plenty of clothes her colleague Valerie Dyer thought made her look like a photographic negative.  

In Christmas 1965 Trixie was expecting her usual gift of a dress allowance but instead Daphne arranged for her goddaughter to join a marriage bureau so that she didn’t end up “on the shelf”. Trixie was very angry and her reaction when she got the letter was akin to finding a family member had died. Trixie went on the bureau but didn’t find a man that she liked.  

Daphne in 1967 was diagnosed with cancer, she sent her goddaughter a letter explaining the situation, Trixie was devastated as Daphne had no family. In fact she simply fluttered through life leaving no roots and thus no one to care for her, Trixie set off for Italy at once. Daphne was in hospital and Trixie was always running in and out with toiletries and nightwear. It was not mentioned what happened to Daphne when Trixie returned however it can be assumed that she succumbed to her cancer and died.