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Dorothy Carnie was a minor character in Call the Midwife. She was played by Stephanie Jacob.


Dorothy Carnie had nine children (six boys and three girls) and eighteen grandchildren. She was very fond of the nuns at Nonnatus House as well as babies.


Dorothy is first seen in S11E07 on board the 5:19 train from Chelmsford pushing a trolley with a tea urn on it down the aisle when she spots Sister Julienne, and stops to talk to her. Sister Julienne recalled that she'd been in the care of the Sisters quite a few times, and Dorothy remembered Patrick Turner, who was also on the train, used forceps when the last of her children was born. Tragedy strikes when the driver of the train, Lionel Corbett, who has been suffering from blinding headaches lately, loses consciousness whilst driving the train and misses a stop signal. The train is hit by another, causing a large explosion and the train is derailed. Dorothy is thrown to the floor, and the tea urn tips over and spills it's contents all over her, badly scalding her.

In S11E08, Dorothy is still lying on the floor. Patrick Turner and Sister Julienne notice she is bleeding heavily from her leg, so Sister Julienne takes off her cap and wimple to use as a tourniquet, but Dorothy dies from her injuries soon after. Patrick and Sister Julienne are both later found and rescued from the wreck by Patrick's son Timothy and taken to hospital.

Dorothy's daughter Pauline Brettell then arrives at Nonnatus House with Sister Julienne's cap and wimple and explains they were amongst her mothers belongings and she tried to wash all the blood out, but stains are still visible. Sister Frances tells Pauline about Carole Reece, an underaged mother whose just had a stillborn baby, and Pauline agrees that Carole's baby can be buried with her mother in her coffin.