Dr. Myra Fitzsimmons is the only doctor working at Hope Clinic, a tiny mission hospital in South Africa. She is played by Sinéad Cusack.

Overview Edit

Dr. Myra Fitzsimmons previously worked alongside Mother Felicity at Hope Clinic until Felicity's death. The clinic was threatened with closure due to lack of staff, so a small working party from Nonnatus House came to help. She's called "Dr. Myra" by the locals instead of Dr. Fitzsimmons because, as she tells Sister Julienne, "The locals can't seem to get their tongues round it".

Although dedicated to her work, Dr. Myra can be incredibly stubborn and as time goes by she starts becoming quite irritable, and winces in pain in front of Sister Julienne, though she won't admit to the nun that anything's wrong. When Sister Julienne says she'll pray for her, Dr. Myra surprises her by saying "I don't believe in any of that", revealing herself to be an atheist, an irony considering she works in a mission hospital. A short time later, one of the nuns at the clinic, Sister Gertrude, informs Sister Julienne that Dr. Myra is very sick. Myra appears convinced that she has liver cancer and is resigned to the fact she's dying. Patrick, however, is not convinced she has cancer, but is unable to examine Dr. Myra as she won't let him near her. However, Shelagh is able to persuade Dr. Myra to let her husband examine her.

Dr. Turner determines Dr. Myra has an abscess and drains it, but Dr. Myra's health continues to deteriorate. Dr. Turner learns of an experimental new drug which might save Dr. Myra's life, but Shelagh finds her unconscious on the floor of her cabin, and she and Patrick accompany Dr. Myra to hospital. The treatment is successful and Dr. Myra gradually makes a full recovery. When the team from Nonnatus House return to Poplar, Trixie remains in South Africa until Dr Myra is fully recovered.

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