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Dr Eastwell is the doctor hired to work at the Nonnatus family contraceptive clinic, she is more professional and clinical with her patients compared to the Nonnatuns but is still devoted to the job. She was portrayed by Naomi Capron.


Dr Eastwell was first seen in S06 E08 when the family contraceptive clinic opens, one of her patients is mother of three Wilma Goddens who has just returned to work and doesn’t want another child. Eastwell gives her a packet of contraceptive pills and instructs her that she must take them every day without fail or she can’t rely on prevention of pregnancy, Wilma is keeping her using contraception a secret from her husband Trevor who still hopes for a son. Wilma is worried that she needs her husband’s permission but Dr Eastwell assures her that is not the case and even his knowledge isn’t required, Wilma decides to put them in her handbag. Unfortunately Wilma develops a blood clot which proves to be fatal, one of the dangers of the pill once thought to be a miracle. Dr Eastwell is seen later in the episode when Nurse Barbara Gilbert goes to the clinic to get fitted with a diaphragm as she is getting married in the episode.

Dr Eastwell appears in S07 E03 when the Turner family’s au pair Magda goes to her clinic requesting contraceptive. At the time the pill could only be given to married women so Magda pretends to be engaged, however Dr Eastwell finds that Magda is in fact pregnant, at first Magda asks for an abortion but Dr Eastwell explains that abortion was not legal in any circumstances except in the threat to the mothers life. Magda is turned away and takes matters into her own hands and steals ergometrine from Nonnatus House which almost kills her however the hospital saves her life and Magda leaves London at the end of the episode.

The contraception clinic most likely closed down in series 8 as it does not appear in the episode where Jeannie Tennant, a young mother went to Doctor Turner rather than Doctor Eastwell to have an abortion arranged but she is turned away.