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Dulcie Greenhalgh is a psychic woman visited by Sister Monica Joan for help, however it soon becomes apparent that Dulcie is the one in need of help.


When a raven flies into Nonnatus House, elderly nun Sister Monica Joan is afraid it might be an omen of death or another disaster. She goes to see spiritualist Miss Higgins who recommends Dulcie as a clairvoyant. Sister Monica Joan goes to her flat in the hopes of gaining assistance but Dulcie informs her she is finished with all that and tells her to go away, slamming the door in her face.

Sister Monica Joan doesn’t give up and returns to her flat with a gift of cake. Dulcie lets her in after hiding herself behind a curtain, Dulcie snipes she would have preferred gin but the cake would do, she also tells the Sister not to look upon her. Dulcie says she has three spirit guides, one of them being an old man but she doesn’t listen to any of them anymore, Dulcie moans that her so called gift is really a curse. Dulcie reveals that in her past she was accused of fraud and went up before court, she also tearfully says she lost her husband at El Alamein and that her son married into a respectable family that didn’t take to her gift, the two lost touch.

Sister Monica Joan sees her face covered with a cloth shielding, covering up a big, red wound on her face. Dulcie upon being questioned and offered medical help screams for Sister Monica Joan to get out of her flat.

Sister Monica Joan seeing that something was wrong with Dulcie and decides to go back, to help her with whatever was wrong with her face. Sister Monica Joan was once a skilled nurse but had to give it up when dementia made her job impossible, she realised it was not death itself she feared but death in life. She was unable to practice her vocation, her purpose and likens her own need to help people to Dulcie’s. She asks to see her face but Dulcie is just too ashamed to show it, but she agrees soon after expecting the nun to be disgusted but Sister Monica Joan is not and believes she has a diagnosis.

Sister Monica Joan goes to get Dr Turner to check her over, he asks Dulcie some questions. She tells him it started out as little but over several years got bigger and bigger, it was also very itchy to the point of scratching it so much she bleeds. Dr Turner confirms she is suffering from a rodent ulcer (known today as Basal cell carcinoma). Which is a type of skin cancer but not a type that could kill her. Dr Turner wants her to go to the hospital for an operation to remove the rodent ulcer, but Dulcie refuses.

Sister Monica Joan goes to visit Dulcie again, who missed her appointment. Dulcie didn’t care about her rodent ulcer, she didn’t think there was anything left for her in life and she had no one left to mourn her. Sister Monica Joan then reveals she tracked down her son Arnold, Dulcie is speechless and her eyes begin watering with joy at seeing her son once again.

Arnold drops his mother off to meet Sister Monica Joan at Nonnatus House, she had the surgery which the doctors say went well, she would still need to undergo radiotherapy however but she wasn’t afraid. She considered herself to be with purpose again and that she listens to her spirit guides again. She offers to give Sister Monica Joan a reading, Dulcie at first shrugs what she sees as nothing but the nun demanded the truth and Dulcie admits she saw something unfortunate that will happen.

Dulcie is last seen around a table with Sister Monica Joan and the other nuns while Sister Monica Joan looks worried. Dulcie is laughing along with the nuns having found reason to live once again.