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Edward "Teddy" Patrick Turner is the biological son of Patrick and Shelagh Turner, making him the half-brother of Timothy and the adoptive brother of Angela. Edward was delivered by Sister Julienne.

Overview Edit

Edward Turner is Shelagh Turner's biological child.

Teddy's mother, Shelagh, was told that due to tuberculosis, she would never carry a child of her own. Though this news devastated her, she eventually went on to seek out adoption and adopted a little girl, who they named Angela. After Angela grew out of her baby things, Shelagh asked Patrick to get rid of her baby things, but he secretly kept them.

In Series 6, Episode 1, it is revealed that Shelagh has discovered she is pregnant, despite having been told she will never have children. She dapples with how to tell her husband, and eventually decides to mirror how Patrick proposed to her, by drawing a baby in the womb with the caption "Please will you be my dad" written at the bottom. Shelagh and Patrick are overjoyed, even when Shelagh's nurses uniform starts to become too tight.

When Shelagh is around 4 and a half months, she goes to the bathroom and is devastated to find that her underwear is bloody. She does into the hospital and finds that the baby is still alive, but is ordered to remain on bed rest until she is far enough along in her pregnancy. There, she bonds with another woman who is in on bedrest, however the woman is there due to the fact that she's had multiple second trimester miscarriages and stillbirths. Saddly, the woman goes into early labour and her baby dies. As she packs her bag, she tells Shelagh in a few years they will see each other walking down the street, both pushing a pram and will nod at each other.

Shelagh is terrified that her baby will not live, and it is not until Patrick checks the heart beat for her, that they find it is strong and steady, assuring both parents the baby is alright.

When Shelagh is discharged from the maternity home, she realizes their tiny flat is too small for three children and she pushes Patrick to move. They do, and move into a house in the Poplar suburbs. As they pack up their flat, Shelagh finds Angela's baby items and is touched to realize that Patrick kept them in the belief that one day they would need them again.

Teddy was born in Series 6, Episode 8. Shelagh chose Sister Julienne to be her midwife and, during the delivery, Patrick came in and sat with Shelagh, after realizing she needs him with her.