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Edward "Teddy" Patrick Turner is the biological son of Patrick and Shelagh Turner, making him the half-brother of Timothy and the adoptive brother of Angela as well as the foster brother of May. Teddy was delivered by Sister Julienne.


Edward Turner is Shelagh Turner's only biological child, though isn’t loved any more than her other children.

Pre birth[]

Teddy's mother, Shelagh, was told that due to tuberculosis, she would never carry a child of her own. Though this news devastated her, she eventually went on to seek out adoption and adopted a little girl, who they named Angela. After Angela grew out of her baby things, Shelagh asked Patrick to get rid of her baby things, but he secretly kept them.

In Series 6, Episode 1, it is revealed that Shelagh has discovered she is pregnant, despite having been told she will never have children. She dapples with how to tell her husband, and eventually decides to mirror how Patrick proposed to her, by drawing a baby in the womb with the caption "Please will you be my dad" written at the bottom. Shelagh and Patrick are overjoyed, even when Shelagh's nurses uniform starts to become too tight.

When Shelagh is around 4 and a half months, she goes to the bathroom and is devastated to find that her underwear is bloody. She does into the hospital and finds that the baby is still alive, but is ordered to remain on bed rest until she is far enough along in her pregnancy. There, she bonds with another woman, Gloria Venables who is in on bed rest due to the fact that she's had multiple second trimester miscarriages and still births. Sadly, Gloria goes into early labour and her baby dies. As she packs her bag, she tells Shelagh in a few years they will see each other walking down the street, both pushing a pram and will nod at each other.

Shelagh is terrified that her baby will not live, and it is not until Patrick checks the heart beat for her, that they find it is strong and steady, assuring both parents the baby is alright.

When Shelagh is discharged from the maternity home, she realizes their tiny flat is too small for three children and she pushes Patrick to move. They do, and move into a house in the Poplar suburbs. As they pack up their flat, Shelagh finds Angela's baby items and is touched to realize that Patrick kept them in the belief that one day they would need them again.

Teddy was born in Series 6, Episode 8. Shelagh chose Sister Julienne to be her midwife and, during the delivery, Patrick came in and sat with Shelagh, after realizing she needs him with her.

After birth[]

When Teddy is born his mother naturally takes time off from midwifery work to take care of Teddy and Angela but she decides to cut that leave short and gets back to working at the maternity home where she brings Teddy and his father happily shows his son around the surgery. Not long after the Turners get an au pair, Magda Kovacks who settles into the family well, but the happiness is short lived as Magda finds out she is pregnant and nearly dies trying to cause an abortion but lives and decides to leave to train as a nurse in Paris. On one occasion a woman named Mumtaz Gani is upset at her husband taking a second wife and them having a baby but his father tells her his family is made of up desperate elements as hers is. During the Poplar picnic Teddys parents go to a delivery together and he and Timothy go ahead, and Timothy is faced with the prospect of changing his brother’s nappy. At the end of Series 7 Teddy is around one year old

In Series 8 Teddy gets a new sister, though this one is older than him as his family begin fostering a Chinese girl called May Tang as her planned adoptive family fell through. As a result he and Timothy begin sharing a bedroom which Timothy describes as just about bearable and in fact it’s his parents that prove to be more of a handful. When the surgery arranges a measles vaccination Sister Frances suggests getting Teddy vaccinated as part of the trial, Shelagh shows reluctance but allows Teddy to take part. May and the rest of the family become very close, he Angela and May becoming quite a trio and are sad when it looks like she has to go but the planned father had a TB relapse and May went back to live permanently with the Turners

In the 2019 Christmas special Teddys parents go to the outer Hebrides to test out opening a branch house for Nonnatus and Teddy and his older sisters are left with Sister Frances. Despite His father wanting to move there permanently they return to Poplar. His oldest brother Timothy goes off to boarding school and phones the family, they also get new rabbits that live in the back garden. His father pours himself more and more into his work and that means he can’t spend as much time with his family and they go on outings without him, in response they hire newly qualified doctor Kevin McNulty. Teddy almost loses his sister May when her biological mother Esther Tang returns but on the persuasion of Sister Julienne allows May to remain with them.

In the 2020 Christmas special Shelagh and Teddy are reunited with Gloria Venables, the woman she was with when she nearly lost Teddy. Gloria has lost seven babies but his mother helps her deliver a healthy baby girl. Teddy and his family then go to Christmas dinner at Nonnatus House where Teddy goes on a pretend shooting rampage. Teddy’s oldest brother Timothy is accepted into medical school and Teddy and his sisters decide to do a play for him. Teddy dresses up as a lion to show the pride the family has for him.

In the 2021 Christmas special Teddy and the other Turners go to Nonnatus House on Christmas day but this year both parents are called out to the maternity home making the three little ones very sad but Mother Mildred reads to them and A Christmas carol and soon everyone rallies around her story. Teddy, Angela and May all go down with chicken pox at the same time putting Shelagh strictly on mother duty. Teddy begins school and according to Shelagh is so eager to get to the playground he hardly has time for a goodbye cuddle. In S11 E07 his father goes to a midwifery conference with Sister Julienne and Nancy Corrigan, on the journey back disaster strikes as a train crashes with another causing a derailment. Nancy gets off the train but the other two are still trapped inside. He may have lost his father aged only five had his brother Timothy not gone semi undercover as a doctor and found them both injured in a carriage. Luckily his father comes through with a head injury and a broken arm, making for some fun for Teddy and his sisters as they all decide to be doctors and nurses for him when he comes home.

In the 2022 Christmas Special Teddy and his siblings go to Nonnatus House for Christmas as they always do, later for the talent show Fred was organising, Poplartunity Knocks he and his sisters sing frosty the snowman with friend from Sunday school Susan Mullucks. During at outbreak of gastroenteritis at the maternity home his mother brings the infestation home with her. Teddy goes to give rabbit Genevieve a carrot but finds her dead and Teddy begins practicing the harmonica for the funeral. During his sister May’s cowboys and Indians party his father comes in with a new rabbit. When it’s time to go back to school all three of the young Turner children have nits. He was disappointed not to go to Trixie Franklins wedding but was allowed to go to the wedding reception held outside Nonnatus House.