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Enid Wilson is a character in Call the Midwife. She was played by Niky Wardley.


Enid Wilson is a middle-aged woman who becomes pregnant unexpectedly, her daughter Cilla is married and is also expecting a baby but the two became estranged after Cilla married a South Asian man Pardeep Singh against Enid’s wishes. Both arrive at the Nonnatus maternity clinic at the Iris Knight Institute at the same time, Miss Higgins comments that she had never known a mother and daughter to be expecting at the same time, she says they must be such a comfort for each other but that was not true. Enid while being examined by Sister Julienne complains that she was never that big the last time and her pregnancy is too noticeable to others. Sister Julienne recommends a maternity girdle but Enid shrugs off the other of a second hand one but Sister Julienne does convince her to use one and hopes to convince her to have a hospital birth given her age.  

When paying a house call Sister Julienne tried to convince Enid to take a home birth, Enid argued the Queen had hers at home and husbands weren’t allowed in the delivery room at hospitals. Sister Julienne says that men are found to be more of a hinderance rather than help in a delivery, Enid’s husband Charlie makes no argument but Enid refuses to be dissuaded. Sister Julienne offers up a compromise, a delivery at the maternity home. Enid reluctantly agrees to the maternity home and comments that Sister Julienne toughened up since her last delivery, Charlie left them and Enid tells him not to stop off at the Hand and Shears on the way home.  

Enid concedes the girdle was more comfortable and asks about Cilla, but Sister Julienne says she cannot discuss another patient and suggests Enid ask her herself. Sister Julienne had no wish to pry but said it was such a shame that the two were apart at such a special time, Enid says it was a shame Cilla had her head turned by Pardeep in the first place and was living in poverty with lots of strange men in a rough part of what was already the poorest part of London. Enid says her disapproval is nothing to do with where Pardeep was from she just thought Cilla could do better, but Sister Julienne refutes Cilla married who she loved and suggests Enid offer up some help to the daughter she used to be very close to.  

At the Singh household Enid pays a visit to her daughter, Enid talks disparagingly of the home not wanting to stay even for tea in case she caught something. Enid invites Cilla to come home and live with her but Cilla refuses knowing the invitation didn’t include Pardeep, Nurse Shelagh Turner offers to make them all tea to talk it over but Enid simply leaves. When doing some polishing Enid picks up a photograph of herself and Cilla before they fell out and when gazing at it her waters break.  

Enid arrives at the maternity home but Sister Julienne tells her labour hadn’t quite started yet so she wants to go home but she is advised to stay until the birth. Sister Julienne offers to send messages to relatives for visiting time but Enid said the only person to tell was Charlie who was working in the underground, however Cilla needed to go into the maternity home, having suspected toxaemia.  

Enid and Cilla lie on beds opposite each other, Enid renews her offer to come to live with her, but Cilla simply reads her magazine and ignores her. Shelagh Turner worries that they’d need barbed wire but Sister Julienne points out that they won’t need it if they aren’t speaking. When having their meals brought to them Enid asks for some pepper which Cilla was using to annoy her. When it was time to sleep and Enid shut off her light Cilla turned hers on again to read her magazine. However Cilla is confirmed to have Toxaemia (known today as pre-eclampsia) and becomes very ill. This worries both Pardeep and Enid who had it when she was having her and it nearly proved fatal to Enid. Cilla gives birth to a baby boy under sedation while Enid and Pardeep waited outside. Pardeep is presented with his son and thanks the nuns for saving his son and his wife who needed to be taken to hospital.

Enid goes where the new babies are kept to meet her grandson properly, Enid comments that Cilla was left alone the night she was born and she felt guilty for that despite being ill. But she realises she wasn’t ill that time when she stopped speaking to her daughter.  

Enid watches over her grandson so he wouldn’t be alone when Cilla was gone. Cilla returns to the maternity home and is told that her mother watched over her son, Enid and Charlie are proud grandparents and Cilla thanks Enid. Enid is still remorseful, she nearly lost her daughter and when they were fighting but Cilla says she didn’t lose her and they were together again. Enid said she was the worst sort of fool and invites Cilla and her whole family to come back to live and suggests Pardeep work in the underground with Charlie. Enid goes into her own labour which is much more normal though Charlie makes himself more of a hinderance getting squeamish and getting water in Enid’s ears with the flannel, he leaves the room and collects Cilla who holds her hand. Enid gives birth to a baby girl who had been born as an aunt which confused Enid. Enid, Charlie, Cilla, Pardeep and the two newest additions to the family move in together and Pardeep is hired as a driver for the underground.  

The now united family is last seen with the two fathers ready for their first day of work together, their wives seeing them off with the new babies.