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Faruk Khatun is the young son of Ameera Khatun. Faruk speaks both perfect English and Sylheti and helps Barbara Gilbert to communicate with his mother who doesn't speak English. He is played by Abhisek Singh.


Faruk is first seen when Barbara Gilbert notices the heavily pregnant Ameera Khatun outside the school gates and asks if she's alright. Faruk comes up and tells the nurse his mother doesn't speak English. With Faruk acting as a translator, Barbara is able to communicate with Ameera who says she's fine, but Faruk then mentions his mother is having trouble walking, but the school bell sounds and the boy dashes off inside. Barbara later makes enquiries at the school and learns Ameera and Faruk's address where she visits them and with Faruk translating, Barbara tells Ameera they'll help her with everything.

Faruk is forced to seek help from Nonnatus House when Ameera suddenly becomes very sick. Barbara, accompanied by Sister Mary Cynthia, rush to Ameera's side whereupon she begins to cough up blood which Barbara notices smells very bad. Barbara realises Ameera is suffering from diphtheria, so she asks Faruk to ask one of their neighbours to try and get hold of his father. Sister Mary Cynthia calls an ambulance, but after twenty minutes it hasn't arrived, so Mary Cynthia asks Dr. Turner for help. The GP rushes to the scene and performs an emergency tracheotomy on Ameera, saving her life.