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Fatima Lodge is an orphanage for Roman Catholic children it is owned by the Contemplative Roman Catholic Religious Order, it is located in London, not far from Poplar.


In Season 10 Episode 7, Nancy Corrigan arrives at Fatima Lodge to see her daughter Colette, she goes Mother Terence’s office, Mother Terence being rather cynical and stubborn clashes with Nancy instantly, however not all of the nuns are shown to be cynical as the more cooperative and tolerant Sister Mary allows Nancy to see her daughter without asking her why she is there with “no prior arrangement”, she doesn’t correct Colette to call Nancy “Ann” and even leaves Nancy alone with Colette. However after Sister Mary has gone to fetch some juice, Colette takes off her cardigan revealing a large bruise on her arm, Nancy takes her to Mother Terence’s office, however Mother Terence makes an excuse saying that “Children play roughly with one another, it is their nature” Nancy retorts telling her that “Colette said one of the nuns did it and won’t say which one it was meaning that she is petrified, like I was” Making her suspect that it was Mother Terence who did it. Enraged Nancy takes Colette and leaves, leaving behind a gobsmacked Mother Terence.

In Season 13 Episode 4 when Nancy is curious to know why her mother died suspecting tuberculosis, so Miss Higgins telephones Fatima Lodge who then place her onto the Cork Branch house who tell her to speak to Miss Kathleen Flanagan, who used to be a nun called Sister Agnes Mary that had previously worked at Fatima Lodge and was now residing in a nursing home. Upon meeting her Nancy is told that her mother died of Tuberculosis.