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Fiona Aylward's mother is a character on call the midwife.


She made a few appearances in several episodes but never spoke and her name was not in the credits, she had one daughter Fiona who married Matthew Aylward and the two were expecting her grandchild. The baby was called Jonathan but not long after giving birth to him Fiona became very unwell and was diagnosed with leukaemia and there was little that could be done. Both Fiona’s mother and father were called to her bedside to say goodbye to their daughter who died, forcing her to face the loss of a child.  

She and her husband were then seen as their grandsons christening and their son in law made a speech. After a while of grieving Matthew fell in love with Trixie Franklin who was actually the midwife who delivered Jonathan and nursed Fiona in her final days. According to Matthew they were lovely about him marrying again thinking it was wonderful for Jonathan having a mother figure in his life.  

Despite this Trixie was unsure about meeting them properly, she wished she wasn’t the nurse when Fiona died as it made things so complicated but by the end of the episode, she met them. They were last seen taking a photograph all together the meeting seemingly going well.