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Flora Aidoo is a character in Call the Midwife. She is played by Jessica Kennedy.


Joel and Flora Aidoo are a Ghanaian family who have just applied for British citizenship. They have a son, Matthew, who was born when they were still living back home. The couple are now expecting their second child.

Floras husband Joel works as a postman. She attends the Nonnatus clinic at the Iris Knight Institute, Flora needed a blood test as she was anaemic, she said Dr Turner could take all the time he needed as long as she didn’t need to watch. Flora explains she was anaemic in her last pregnancy with the same tiredness, Dr Turner asked why there was nothing in her notes and she explains she was living in her home country, Accra in Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast which Sister Hilda mistakenly still calls it. Flora is taking tablets prescribed to her and Joel fed her brown beer and liver.  

Flora and Joel are both very happy with their new lives in England, Joel was being considered for advancement in his job and some of the men he worked with asked him to play football with them and he agrees as it made him one of the lads. Sister Hilda pays a house visit to tell Flora her iron levels where still too low so the baby would need to be delivered in the maternity home to Flora’s disappointment. Sister Hilda asks if Flora had been taking the tablets and Joel snaps that they were educated people. Just then Flora’s son Matthew enters the room even though he should be at school, Flora explained that Matthew had growing pains but would be back to school the next day. Sister Hilda sensing something else was wrong encouraged Flora to take him to Dr Turner.  

When Flora was sitting down and Matthew was reading a book she begins groaning in pain, she asked Matthew to be a big boy and get Joel for her. Sister Hilda and Nurse Trixie Franklin are called to Flora’s flat, the somewhat bossy Sister Hilda takes the lead on the delivery and Flora is helped to her bed. Flora gives birth to a baby girl which Flora can’t quite believe but Sister Hilda jokes that she did check. Flora holds her new daughter who she considers perfect, the placenta came very quickly. Flora looked very tired, but Sister Hilda was too busy inquiring about any possible Ghanaian customs involving the afterbirth to notice Flora losing a lot of blood, Nurse Franklin requests ergometrine for Flora who was struggling to keep her eyes open.  

Flora needed to go to the maternity home, needing a blood transfusion. Matthew and Joel visit Flora and the new baby before they went, becoming a family of four though Nurse Franklin is suspicious that something else is wrong. At the maternity home Flora names her baby daughter Elizabeth for Queen Elizabeth II and Akua which is an Akan name meaning born on a Wednesday, a name honouring both her countries. Sister Hilda found the baby adorable but big brother Matthew thought she looked like a grumpy old man which Flora said was true when she was crying. Flora said every day she thanked God for her families blessings, Flora having her vigour back after her transfusion.  

Dr Turner goes to see Flora and Joel back at home, he explains that Flora is suffering from sickle cell disease. An inherited blood disorder in which red blood cells become sickle or crescent shape hence the name, it caused anaemia and pain, it only affected specific racial groups mainly Africans. Flora’s first thought was whether she could have passed the illness onto her children, she remembered an uncle who died in Ghana as a young man from pains. It occurs to Sister Hilda that Matthew’s pains which Flora had first written off as growing pains could be symptoms of the disease, when Flora was told the disease had to be from both parents she felt monumental relief but Joel said he had pains starting from his arrival in England.  

Matthew was tested for sickle cell disease and Joel’s pains only get worse but the Aidoos couldn't afford to stay in England otherwise. When Flora was at home Joel arrived back early in so much pain he could hardly talk, Dr Turner is called to the scene and needed to go to the hospital. He suggested Joel find a different job he said he can’t as very few companies would hire a black man. Joel and Flora are even more devastated to learn that Matthew did in fact have sickle cell.  

Baby Elizabeth puts in two ounces, Flora says she watches for signs, Nurse Franklin tries to make her feel better by telling her of ever advancing treatments. Flora remembered when she first met Joel saying she knew she would marry him but had she known what was inside them she wouldn’t have. Nurse Franklin tells her no one can really choose who they fall in love with, Flora agrees and says she refuses to believe the world was worse for having her children in it. When framing some photographs Joel says he was offered a less strenuous job in the sorting office, Flora asks if it would be easier to go home to Ghana but Joel says home was where their dreams are, so they would stay.