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Francine Elizabeth Wilson (née Spencer) is Jimmy Wilson's wife and she appears in Series 2. She is portrayed by Cassie Compton.


Francine Spencer is first seen arriving late for the weekly clinic at the parish hall, Nurse Jenny Lee and Cynthia Miller were already stacking the chairs. She explains she would have come sooner but she was busy with her job, Jenny agrees to see her however.  

When asked about her job Francine says her boss didn’t know and just thought she was eating lots of digestive biscuits, Jenny asks about childhood diseases like diphtheria and rheumatic disease to which she said she got everything apart from diamonds. She is asked if there is any history of diabetes in her or her husband's family and she awkwardly says she didn’t think so, Jenny then noticed her finger had no ring meaning she wasn't married. Jenny offers to see her at the end of clinic so she wouldn’t be subjected to harsh judgement from other mothers, but Francine was adamant that she would be married and planned for a house in the country and wanted a dress like the one Grace Kelly wore her wedding to Prince Ranier of Monaco.  

Jenny ran into her in the market and joyfully tells her that she was engaged, at first Jenny was so pleased but her fiancé was Jenny’s former lover Jimmy Wilson whom Francine called James. Neither told her at first and the two went off however it can be assumed she found out soon after.  

Not long before her wedding was set to take place Jimmy was taken to hospital but was discharged. Francine arrived at the hospital to collect him and it surprised to find Jenny who was seconded to male surgical with Jimmy, when there Francine rather tactlessly explained she attended a different clinic with better facilities. Unfortunately Jimmy is rushed back into hospital but is successfully operated on and is saved. Francine is last seen on her wedding day walking out of the church with her new husband.  

Francine would go on to give birth to a baby girl called Caroline Francesca who Jimmy thought was the sweetest thing, things worked out well for both Jimmy and Francine.