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Frank Tennant is the husband of Jeannie Tennant. Unlike her he doesn’t mind having a large family and is unaware of the lengths Jeannie will go to in order to not have their third baby.


Frank and Jeannie Tennant are doing very well in their lives, they have two small sons and are preparing to move into their own house, a house they bought themselves, something that was an achievement in that time and place. Jeannie is also doing very well at the keep fit classes run by Beatrix Franklin who thinks she might be able to train as an instructor.

Frank and Jeannie are both working in their jobs to get to their house so that their sons can have their own rooms, something they never once knew. However Jeannie begins showing symptoms of pregnancy, at first she is sure she can’t be pregnant as she is using the Dutch cap but she never had it refitted after she had her baby, she is estimated to be around three months pregnant.

Jeannie is horrified by the news but Frank is of the attitude that what’s done is done and the baby is coming. But Jeannie is afraid of a fourth or a fifth baby, Frank jokes they could have a football team, which Jeannie does not find funny. Frank then suggests doubling up on the contraception or contra-thingummy as he puts it. She from the clinic and he from the barber shop. Jeannie suggest that there could be no next time but Frank dismisses it for the danger Jeannie could put herself in.

Despite what Frank said Jeannie tried to speak to Dr Turner and persuade him to refer her for a legal abortion, in 1964 abortions could be carried out if the mothers life was at risk from pregnancy and/or childbirth but Dr Turner simply couldn’t see a medical reason for an abortion. So Jeannie decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to have a backstreet abortion.

She tells him she’s going to her keep fit class while this happens and begins to feel ill right after but tries to blame it on overdoing jumping jacks. Jeannie begins to feel really ill, she has a temperature and Frank sends her to bed. Soon Frank finds Jeannie shivering despite burning up, Frank wants to call the doctor but Jeannie doesn’t want to, at first he listens but he knows that the baby is the cause for her illness.

He decides to call Dr Turner to their home where he finds out she has a very nasty infection, but the hospital will be able to cure her. Dr Turner and Jeannie set off in the ambulance but Jeannie dies in the ambulance. Frank is called to the hospital where he is told the news, he didn’t understand how miscarriage could do that to a woman and Dr Turner explains that it wasn’t a natural miscarriage. He then blames Dr Turner for sending her into the streets to abort the baby and begins crying.

Frank is then seen with his two boys being interviewed by Sergeant Woolfe, his youngest can’t get to sleep without Jeannie. Frank doesn’t know anything about the abortionist apart from she charges seven pounds.

Frank is last seen pushing a pram with his boys outside the institute, he gazes at the sign for the keep fit jamboree that Jeannie was originally going to participate in. He then walks onwards to begin life as a single father.