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Fred “Freddie” Noakes is the son of Peter Noakes and Camilla “Chummy” Noakes, his father is a constable, whilst his mother is a nurse and midwife.


Series 2[]

His mother had intended for Freddie to be born at Nonnatus House by Jenny Lee and Cynthia Miller but she starts bleeding excessively all of a sudden and Cynthia goes to get Sister Julienne, but they ultimately send for an ambulance in the process and Freddie is delivered successively by caesarean section, with no more complications, much to the relief of his parents and their friends. He is christened at Nonnatus house alongside Samantha Smart, who his mother delivered not long before going into labour with Jenny Lee, Cynthia Miller, Trixie Franklin, Fred Buckle (whom he is named after), Dolly Smart, Patrick Turner, Shelagh Mannion, Timothy Turner, Sister Julienne, Sister Evangelina and Sister Monica Joan in attendance alongside his parents. At Christmas time an unexploded bomb is discovered and the residents of Nonnatus house flee, he later appears at the Turner’s Christmas party being held by Jack Smith, Shelagh warns him saying he’ll bring his milk up, Jack later contracts polio from Timothy and the boys are both hospitalised, while Jack is quick to recover, Timothy slips into a coma but pulls through and recovers with the exception of his damaged legs forcing him to wear braces. Freddie is present at Shelagh and Patrick’s wedding, alongside his parents, sadly Nonnatus house has to be demolished due to damaged scaffolding after the bomb went off, leaving the nuns and nurses to take up other lodgings in the meantime, whilst Freddie and his family move into their new home.

Series 3[]

Freddie first appears laughing at his mother after she burns a cake meant as a congratulations to her for now former colleagues for having found new lodgings at last, his mother firmly tells him off by saying “slightest titter from you young sir, I shall bring you over to the mirror and show you what a naughty monkey looks like”, Nearby a woman called Mrs Torpy lives on their street and is expecting a baby, she goes into labour shortly after the opening of the Iris Knight Institute by Princess Margaret, his mother delivers the baby and goes back to work but only part time, where she meets new colleagues Sister Winifred (a replacement for Sister Bernadette) and Patsy Mount (a replacement for Jenny Lee; who is on compassionate leave), his maternal grandmother, Lady Browne comes to visit and is just as rude as ever, even criticising Freddie’s name at one point, much to the annoyance of his parents and after an argument ends with his mother in tears, his grandmother is later seen holding him as his mother rests, his grandmother leaves saying goodbye to him, but eventually returns after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer and after several days of being nursed by Sister Monica Joan and Jenny Lee dies peacefully. Freddie is present at Jenny’s departure party alongside his parents, the Turners, the nurses, the nuns and Fred Buckle. At Christmas Time, Freddie falls ill with croup, causing him to cough for a long time, but his mother is at Astor Lodge tending to it’s residents, she however makes it back in time for Christmas.

Series 4[]

Freddie is shown leaving Nonnatus House alongside his parents, he is absent for most of series 4, however his father mentions him whilst Sister Mary Cynthia meets a traveller mother and baby who is newly delivered and says “He’s quite the little bruiser”, Freddie last appears at the wedding of Fred and Violet Buckle and his family moves away off screen at the end of series 6.