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Geoffrey Franklin is the brother of Trixie. He is played by Christopher Harper.


Pre Series[]

Geoffrey Franklin was born to a middle-class family, his father being a bank manager, he had two siblings a brother called Ronald and a younger sister called Beatrix (who would later go on to be universally known as Trixie), of the two he was closest to Trixie though when small he may have dropped her in a rock pool causing a lifelong fear of fish, as a boy he was in the scouts and earned his lifesaver badge. His father served in the second world war and came home suffering from trauma, his mother would look after him but at night Trixie and Geoffrey would look after him, both having a charm that Ronald did not have, their father died before the series began. Geoffrey grew into a chatty and flamboyant man though very good hearted. As an adult Geoffrey moved to Malta and became an osteopath while Trixie stayed in England and became a nurse and midwife.  

Series 12[]

Geoffrey Franklin arrives from Malta for his sister Trixie’s wedding, according to Phyllis Crane he was highly excited about giving her away. Geoffrey arrives with Trixie’s opulent, elegant and heavy wedding dress. The brother and sister then embrace each other, when sitting down to tea with the nurses Geoffrey says he would have crossed the Mediterranean in a canoe as Trixie’s wedding was a day he had been in training for, for twenty years. When Nancy Corrigan sits down and talks about her daughter's nosebleeds to which Geoffrey says he had never been able to bear the sight of blood.

Geoffrey was helping Trixie with packing her things she would take to the hotel but found himself surplus to requirements when she worked through her lingerie. He is offered a bournvita before he left which he enthusiastically accepted. He asks both Phyllis Crane and Nancy Corrigan about the hen night plans but Trixie had rejected most suggestions, Geoffrey on the other hand had been invited to dinner at his future brother in law Matthews gentleman's club. Though he was less than enthusiastic about his and Trixie’s other sibling Ronald attending.  

Geoffrey helps organise the hen night but he was unable to find a venue available on Trixie’s only day off. Just as he and Phyllis were discussing it Trixie ran in tearfully explaining that the Aylward family tiara she was going to wear had been sold, Geoffrey decides to bring a health farm to Nonnatus for Trixie’s hen night. He makes good on the idea and all of the non veiled women from Nonnatus enjoy a night at spa in a lounge suite relaxing having massages.  

When Trixie is preparing to leave the room she had lived in for almost ten years Geoffrey walked in. The two have a heart to heart talk about their father was very ill and drank after coming home from war, suffering from what Trixie called the horrors, how they had to use their charm to light up the room with laughter to help him, but now Trixie no longer needed to laugh as she had real happiness. It is hinted that Geoffrey may be homosexual in this scene, he then orders his beloved sister to grab her happiness with both hands. They then drive off to a hotel in Chelsea.  

On the morning of the wedding Geoffrey brings drinks, when he sees bridesmaid Colette having a nosebleed Geoffrey recoils in fear and disgust. When preparing to leave and Trixie held them up Geoffrey threatened to drag her by the veil, to make matters worse the fire alarm went off. However, Matthew gets his sister to the church on time and proudly walks her down the aisle.  

Unfortunately the hotel the reception was to be held burned down, Geoffrey wanted a few pictures of the bride before she was told of the fire and thus hysterical. But they had a plan in place, the wedding reception was held in Poplar and the residents brought a party to the streets which was perfect.  

Series 13[]

Geoffrey returns in the Christmas Special looking for room at the inn in Trixie and Matthew’s flat over Christmas. He was meant to be staying with a friend Bernard and his aunt but he told Trixie the aunt fell ill. Though she saw through the lie and Geoffrey explained Bernard was engaged to be married, indicating they might have been a bit more than friends. Geoffrey is also moving back to England from Malta as there were less and less expats, leaving only tourists and no one needed an osteopath on holiday. But he was in with a chance to start a practice in Harley Street but needed a place to stay.  

Trixie was happy for Geoffrey to stay but her and Matthew were trying to carve out a family life that was just about them and their little family. When he realised he was in the way he decided to leave, Trixie was worried about where he would go but he ended up going to stay at Nonnatus House as a paying guest, in the room that once belonged to Sister Frances, he was originally offered his sisters old room but he thought the smell of her lacquer would keep him awake. Trixie obviously wasn’t thrilled about the arrangement but Geoffrey seemed quite at home with his sisters colleagues.  

Geoffrey offered to step in and help Sister Veronica in recreating Sister Monica Joan’s favorite Christmas from her childhood. He buys the fabric to make the clothes for Shepherds, the Magi and the Virgin Mary to recreate the nativity at the church. He was also able to get the late 19th century costumes from Ealing studios, he dressed as a Victorian gentleman as Sister Monica Joan was taken to the church to relive her best Christmas. Geoffrey joined in for Christmas dinner but was not around when Series 13 begun so he either opened up his practice or just found somewhere else to stay. Geoffrey returns in S13 E08 and reveals he and Sister Veronica write to each other, his sister has remained in London while her husband and stepson have gone to New York, Trixie is facing an addiction to sleeping pills. When Geoffrey realizes what's happening, he takes the pills and flushes them down the toilet. He then confronts her and tells her she needs to attend AA again. He also convinces his sister to go to New York and be with Matthew.


  • Geoffrey suffers from haemophobia (a fear of blood).
  • Geoffrey can sew, though trouser buttons were about his limit.
  • Whenever he writes his name in sparklers he just writes the shorter Geoff which no one in real life ever actually calls him.
  • While not stated outright, it is heavily implied that he is gay with his "friend" Bernard being his partner.
  • He and Trixie are very close and he is very protective of her.