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George Saint is the husband of Pamela Saint and the father of Rose, his wife suffers postnatal psychosis and George finds it very hard to cope when she is taken away after putting her own and Rose's lives at risk. He was played by Gethin Anthony


George Saint works as a lighterman, he and his colleague were preparing to go to work but he was distracted looking at the window of his house as his wife Pamela was giving birth to their first child, he made sure to wait at the docks as long as possible. Pamela gives birth to a baby girl born in her amniotic sac, which is considered to be a sign of good luck. Sister Julienne says the sac can be saved and given to a sailor for protection. Pamela decides to keep it for George. Nurse Miller, at Pamela's behest, places a green lantern in the window, which means she's had a girl. George is thrilled. Pamela names her daughter Rose.  

George gets to bed with Pamela and their new baby Rose by the side, George is ecstatic about the mermaid birth and said his mum said you could have too much luck, that it spoils. Pamela wanted to be spoiled with five more babies, and dogs and cats and a budgie, she wanted the Saint family bursting at the seams. George seems happy with that and promises to keep her safe as long as he lived, Pamela says she married George for his strong arms not his personality and they laugh and kiss.  

However, in the days following the birth, Pamela becomes increasingly more paranoid. Sister Julienne ends up upsetting Pamela by accident and George is sent to Nonnatus House where he tells Nurse Miller his wife didn’t want Sister Julienne to visit. George was about to leave for work and went to hold his daughter but Pamela slapped his hand away telling him germs are all over him and she needed to keep their daughter safe, George didn’t think his wife made any sense.  

When George is out working the visiting Nurse Miller, Sister Julienne and Dr Turner notice things aren’t at all right with Pamela. George arrives home and they explain that the paranoia his wife is experiencing might be down to a hormonal fluctuation caused by Rose’s birth. George protests to this and to a physciatric assessment or head doctor as George put it but Dr Turner was adamant and tells him to telephone if his wife showed any more anxiety. Pamela is more paranoid that ever. She begs George not to let Dr Turner back in, though he insists he's trying to help her. Pamela insists that they want to take Rose away from her, and George begs her to stop her ramblings and fear. Not knowing how to calm his wife down, George leaves to get her something to eat, leaving by saying "You're all right".

George returned to his home and found Pamela and Rose gone and called in Nurse Miller and Sister Julienne to help and they work out she might have gone to the pier at middle dock as she was fixated by the water of the river. George and Sister Julienne go to find her. Pamela was at the dock ready to jump into the water with Rose, George wanted to charge right at Pamela and rescue his daughter but Sister Julienne knew they needed to tread lightly literally and figuratively. Pamela is persuaded to come down by Sister Julienne who promised Rose would be safe, Pamela sobbed and George was sent to get an ambulance.  

George returned to his home, Dr Turner admitted Pamela to a physiatric hospital. George was angry at his wife for almost hurting their baby, Rose is left in the care of George who is still in shambles over what happened, as was Pamela at the hospital. George struggled to look after Rose, in fact he found most of the domestic tasks his wife would normally do difficult. After a while his daughter is sent to live with an aunt until Pamela was restored to her usual self.  

Sister Julienne tries to plead with George to visit his wife in the hospital, saying it will help her recover to see him and Rose. George doesn't understand that is wife was unwell and was being treated by doctors like people with physical illnesses were. He is wary of neighbours finding out about his wife's mental breakdown but Sister Julienne tells him that he didn’t lose his daughter and must not lose his wife.

Pamela was cured of her psychosis but was still very depressed at being away from her daughter. George came to visit Pamela with Rose in his arms, Approaching her, George tells her to take the baby. He tells her that they both need her. Pamela is then discharged and the family walks back home through the streets of Poplar, as happy and bright as before.