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George Sharp is the husband of Pamela Sharp and after losing their first baby they are expecting again but Pam is worried that George is having an affair.


George and Pam Sharp we’re pregnant some time ago but they lost their first baby and for a long time it seemed like they wouldn’t get to be parents until Pam fell pregnant again. She is being looked after by Sister Hilda who is sure everything will be splendid. Pam was regularly attending the mothercraft classes and planned on dragging George along to the next one though she think he would find it embarrassing.

According to Violet Buckle, George is spending a lot of his time eating fry ups in the café of a woman named Sandy Lawrence which makes her rather worried. He eats at the café so much he can hardly manage to eat the food at dinner time, Pam jokes it was her who was meant to be eating for two. At the next mothercraft class George doesn’t turn up and Pam must go in alone.

After the class Pam finds George at the café again with Sandy Lawrence being rather too nice to him making Pam rather annoyed. Later Pam starts getting contractions and calls Sister Hilda who informs them both she is just having Braxton hicks contractions, or rather her body is just practicing for the main event. After they are told that George goes away to have a pint but seems to be experiencing pain himself.

Pam then confides to Sister Hilda that she thinks George is having an affair, she thinks it because he is getting a taste for bacon and is getting fat. Though Sister Hilda is sure that isn’t proof of an affair. When labour properly starts both Sister Hilda and Sister Julienne arrive and he begins suffering pain at the same time as Pam is getting contractions. He says the pain comes in waves of five minutes and Sister Julienne begins seeing to him. She feels his stomach and sends for Dr Turner.

When Dr Turner arrives, he can’t find anything wrong with him and puts it down to anxiety. Pam gives birth to a baby girl and when George sees her and his daughter he promises to never moan about a cold again after seeing what his wife went through to bring new life into the world. When Dr Turner returns George says the pain is gone and Dr Turner explains that George had a phantom pregnancy or rather a condition known as Couvade that came about because of his grief for his first baby, anxiety for his new and his bond with his wife.

George is last seen holding his baby daughter with a nearly empty bottle and Pam smiling at them both happily.