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Mrs Gertrude Wallace is the woman who runs the church Lucille and Cyril Robinson attend, which doubles as their home.


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In 1963 Nurse Lucille Anderson began attending the church of Mr and Mrs Palmer, their church took place in their own home. At some point the Palmers passed the church into the hands of a woman named Mrs Theodore and then Cyril Robinson began preaching there, eventually being known as their pastor. In the 2020 Christmas special Mrs Theodore decided to move away and live with her son in Dudley leaving the church with no one to run it and no venue.

The church ended up in Mrs Wallace’s hands, so she set out in search of a venue, she travelled to Whitechapel in a “special hat”, Mrs Wallace being rather fond of her hats. It looked like she may have a building but when the landlords found out the kind of church she came from the building was suddenly already rented. At the same time of the church troubles Cyril’s home was condemned to demolishment. The two problems have the same solution, Lucille goes to see Mrs Wallace at St Cuthbert’s, where she works as a cleaner and proposes the flat the Buckles are renting out as their venue. She goes to take a look and deems it appropriate and decides to pay the rent, on two conditions, one was that their Pastor Cyril would be living on the premises and they would need Fred’s help getting the piano up the stairs.

The next time she appears is after a church meeting, she takes the time to bring attention to Cyril passing his civil engineering exam when he wasn’t going to mention it, he did so well he was awarded a prize of 25 guineas. She has the congregation congratulate him.

Lucille and Cyril get engaged and Mrs Wallace take on the role as a sort of mother of the groom and helps him with his wedding suit fitting. She also offers to mend the split in best mans Fred Buckles Santa suit. She then goes to Nonnatus House where Sister Julienne thanks her for the effort she has put into the wedding, Sister Julienne confesses to feeling like the mother of the bride where Mrs Wallace comments it’s a shame she doesn’t get to wear a hat. However she disappoints Sister Hilda in telling her the cake she made will not be used as she has arranged for women of the church to carry their own cakes in a procession, as per the Jamaican custom.

Unfortunately the wedding begins going wrong, the man planned to walk Lucille down the aisle broke his shoulder, but the problem is solved when Fred agrees to walk her down the aisle. Sister Hilda decides to host a hen night in which she fills the punch with rum, of which Mrs Wallace attends with other women from the church. Unfortunately the now drunk Lucille hits her head against the staircase and gets a black eye and almost cancels the wedding but the problem is solved by using leeches to drain it. The wedding goes ahead and Mrs Wallace allows for Sister Hilda to include her cake in the procession.

Mrs Wallace’s next major appearance is in S11 E07 when a train coming from Chelmsford with Dr Turner, Sister Julienne and Nancy Corrigan on board crashes with another and derails causing an explosion in the area. Lucille and Cyril where hosting a service at the time and the windows are completely smashed, the shards going everywhere. Including in her eye, Cyril walks her to Nonnatus House which soon finds itself at the heart of a disaster, with firemen and ambulances crowding the area. She can’t get an ambulance as almost all the rescue services are being concentrated on rescuing the people from the train carriages. However in the end everything turns out alright, she is last seen helping the Robinsons fix their flat with an eye covering presumably meaning she will be alright.

In Series 12 Mrs Wallace and the rest of the immigrants of Poplar are forced to face an increase in racism, after Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech, a speech criticizing the mass immigration happening at the time. Unlike Cyril and Lucille she is not deterred and rips a pamphlet for a march the dockers were planning into pieces, she says the dockers hated them as they were on their way up with the help of Jesus but they were on their way down thanks to the docks almost entirely shutting down. Lucille is very depressed, her closest friend Phyllis tries to get Mrs Wallace to help by helping Lucille find solace in her faith but it doesn’t work. Lucille is diagnosed as having had a nervous breakdown and Cyril arranges for her to take an extended holiday to her home country Jamaica. Cyril cannot go and Mrs Wallace and Violet Buckle leave him ready made meals for him to heat up. Cyril and Reggie go to visit her in her new business, a dry-cleaning service, Reggie brings her a portrait of Jesus for her to hang up which she is grateful for.