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Gloria Venables is a minor character who appeared in S06E04 and 2020 Christmas Special of Call the Midwife. She is played by Katie Lyons.


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When Gloria Venables was hospitalized, she was put in the bed next to Shelagh Turner, who was five months pregnant. Gloria has suffered multiple miscarriages in the past, but this time she's in the sixth month of pregnancy, which is the furthest she's ever gotten. After an internal examination, she is diagnosed as having an incompetent cervix which contributed to her previous miscarriages, and is told she will require surgery to put in a stitch that will hopefully prevent further miscarriages. Sadly, on the morning she's due to have the operation, Gloria goes into premature labour and loses the baby. As she packs her bag, she tells Shelagh in a few years they will see each other walking down the street, both pushing a pram and will nod at each other.

In the 2020 Christmas Special, Shelagh meets Gloria again, and Gloria reveals that since they last met she's lost another three babies, but now reveals she is 38 weeks pregnant. However, Gloria is also fraught with anxiety, having now been pregnant seven times and lost every single one, and she's afraid something will still go wrong. When she eventually goes into labour, she reveals to Shelagh that she still gave names to all the babies she had lost, including the one she lost when she and Shelagh were in hospital together: Brian, David, Peter, Ruth, Rebecca, John, and Anthony. With the help and support of both Shelagh and Sister Frances, Gloria gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Cradling her newborn daughter in her arms, Gloria says "I'm a Mum, Shelagh. I'm a mother", and Shelagh, on the verge of tears, smiles and says "You've been a mother for a long, long time". Gloria and her husband Tony name their new daughter Rachel Rose.


  • In November 2020, Laura Main (Shelagh Turner) revealed Katie Lyons would reprise her role as Gloria in the upcoming Christmas special.


You think your body would know better than to make milk for a baby who could never live, wouldn't ya?.

- To Shelagh after losing her baby.

I've got this idea in my head that next year, or the year after, it'll be a lovely sunny day, and I'll be down Chrisp Street Market, pushing a pram. And somewhere near the flower stall, I'll look up and I'll see you pushing a pram. And we'll smile, and we'll pass the time of day.

- To Shelagh before leaving the hospital.

I'm a Mum, Shelagh. I'm a mother.

- Following the birth of her daughter, Rachel Rose.