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Heather Pugh is a mother under the care of Nonnatus House at first she seems happily married to her husband Vince, but when she is diagnosed with Gonorrhoea secrets come to light.


Heather is first seen attending the usual Tuesday clinic at the Iris Knight Institute with her friend Constance Blakemore who already has a child. She is seen by Nurse Trixie Franklin who she admits that the first few months spent living in Poplar where a trial until she met Constance. Her husband Vince works at a dog track, but she is quick to clarify he is a bookie who takes money not an actual gambler. When there she also tells Trixie that she had been needing to go to the toilet a lot and whenever she did it often burnt. Trixie is sure it’s nothing to worry about but decides to order a urine sample to be on the safe side.

She and Connie get to their home where she is offered to join the Blakemore’s for fish and chips but decides against it as she said she had something special planned already. She makes a corned beef pie for herself and Vince, she also suggests to him that they have an early night but he says he was busy working that night. Heather decides to wait up but Vince stays out late and unknown to her is seeing prostitutes behind her back.

The results from Heathers test comes back as positive for Gonorrhoea which she is assured is entirely treatable. But the problem was the fact it is a sexually transmitted infection and could cause a serious eye infection in new-borns. At first Heather is sure the test was wrong as she had only ever been with Vince and made him wait until they were married and was sure Vince wouldn’t cheat on her. Nevertheless Heather would still need treatment in the The Maternity Home right away in case she went into early labour. Vince gets home and his face says it all, the truth is revealed and Heather goes to the maternity home.

While Heather is getting her treatment for the infection she become the stuff of gossip to the other ladies in the home. At first Heather blames herself, she says Vince said she was worth the wait on their wedding night, she thinks she wasn’t as Vince had her at home but would have rather paid for sex. Heather soon after goes into labour and asks for word to be sent to Vince.

Vince gets to the maternity home and stays outside the delivery room unless she says otherwise. Heather who is attended to by Trixie and Sister Hilda gives birth to a baby girl who seems healthy but Dr Turner still advises treatment. She is unsure as to whether she wants to see Vince as she can’t forget his betrayal of her, Dr Turner offers to refer her and Vince to marriage guidance. She lets Vince in to see their daughter and he apologises desperately. Heather firmly lays down a set of rules, no more working nights so she can have him where she can see him, that would mean giving up work at the dogs. Vince promises he would never go to a prostitute again and stay faithful to Heather and she says they would go to marriage guidance. Heather also says she wants to call their daughter Agnes after her mother which Vincent agrees to.

Vince and Heather are last seen with their baby daughter looking towards their new future as they try to keep their marriage going.