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Hope Clinic is a tiny mission hospital in South Africa that featured in the 2016 Christmas Special of Call the Midwife.


Hope Clinic was first mentioned and also appeared in the 2016 Christmas Special. At the start of the episode, Mother Jesu Emmanuel, the Mother Superior of the Order of St. Raymond Nonnatus, telephones Nonnatus House to inform Sister Julienne that Mother Felicity, who worked at Hope Clinic alongside one doctor and a handful of nuns, has passed away, and the clinic is now threatened with closure due to lack of staff, and so Mother Jesu asks for a small working party from Nonnatus House to go to South Africa and try and save the clinic.

Two weeks later, the team from Nonnatus set sail for South Africa. On arriving at Hope Clinic, Sister Julienne meets Dr. Myra Fitzsimmons, called Dr. Myra by the locals as they have difficulty pronouncing her surname. The team from Nonnatus do their best to try and help in spite of the clinics humble facilities, including a water supply that was unhygenic and running very low. One night, on returning from vaccinating the residents of a local village against polio, they are informed that Dr. Myra is very sick, and she stubbornly refuses to let Dr. Turner examine her, believing she has liver cancer.

Without Dr. Myra at the helm and no clean water, the future looks bleak for Hope Clinic. To make matters worse, a local owner, Mr. Starke, refuses to allow them to run a pipeline across his land that would give a clean water supply to the hospital due to a bitter grudge against Dr. Myra. Tom Hereward tries to convince Starke, but he is coldly rebuffed. Shelagh Turner eventually manages to persuade Dr. Myra to let Patrick examine her, and determines she has an abscess and drains it, but Dr, Myra's health continues to deteriorate.

One night, Dr. Myra tells Sister Julienne why Mr. Starke refuses to allow the pipeline: Years earlier, Starke was married to a woman named Celeste, who was younger than him. When Celeste was expecting their first child, she went into labour early and they had no time for transfer to a private nursing home, so they sent for Dr. Myra, who delivered Celeste of a four pound boy who only lived for six days. Celeste was too ill to realize what she had lost, and she only lived another day, dying of puerperal fever. Since then, Starke has blamed Dr. Myra for their deaths.

After Shelagh finds Dr. Myra passed out on the floor of her cabin, she and Patrick accompany her to hospital where Patrick plans to beg the doctors to give her an experimental new drug. Sister Julienne visits Starke, who tells her he never took any pictures of Celeste during her last days because her face was so swollen and discoloured, and he never took any pictures of their child. Sister Julienne tells Starke that he can save others from that fate, and all he has to do is stop blaming Dr. Myra and her black patients for the death of his wife and child, and allow the pipeline across his line, adding that a clean water supply to the hospital would make a better memorial to his wife than any photograph. After that, she leaves.

Later, Starke visits the clinic and finds Sister Julienne tending to a newborn baby who was just delivered by Caesarean, and she tells him they don't have sufficient water to give the baby a bath. Starke apologizes for his earlier behaviour, and says he wants to make amends. He gives permission for the pipeline across his land, giving the hospital a clean water supply, and the clinic flourishes. In addition, Dr. Myra's treatment is successful, and she begins recovering.

Soon after, the team from Nonnatus House return to London, but Trixie remains in South Africa, helping run the clinic until Dr. Myra is fully recovered.

in the 2020 Christmas Special, it is revealed that Nurse Valerie Dyer has gone to work at Hope Clinic.