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Innocent Muzungulu was a South African man in the 2016 Christmas Special. He was played by Vusumzi Ntshanga.


The first time we see Innocent is when he rushes to Hope Clinic. He runs up to Dr. Myra Fitzsimmons, who tells him he shouldn't be running as he has tuberculosis. Innocent tells her his wife Fezeka is in labour but couldn't walk any further so her ran three miles to get help. Dr. Myra sends Nurse Phyllis Crane and Fred Buckle to help, and they drive to her aid in the hospital truck.

Along with Innocent, Phyllis and Fred drive to the spot where he'd left Fezeka. They find her under a tree, and Innocent watches from a distance while Phyllis and Fred tend to Fezeka, who gives birth to a baby girl. On the way back to the Clinic however, the truck's engine gives up the ghost and dies with only a quarter of a mile to go. Innocent is later seen amongst the workers when they try to help Tom Hereward relay the pipeline around Mr. Starke's land to give the hospital a fresh water supply as Starke won't allow the pipeline across his land. But Starke has a change of heart after Sister Julienne appeals to his better nature and he gives the permission for the pipeline to go across his land.